RB20 PoC Handset Network Walkie Talkie
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RB20 PoC Handset Network Walkie Talkie

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  • * Network walkie talkie; linux system; support 2G / 3G / 4G signal
  • * Use a micro sim card; can be used to make calls
  • * Not limited by distance; connect the whole country if there is the signal
  • * Linux operating system; don’t worry about the memory size; provide enough space for use
  • * 4000mAh battery capacity; long standby time; no need to worry about power issues
  • * GPS positioning; accurately locate the location; provide adequate security

*US Version can communicate with RT51
*EU version can communicate with RT70

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Retevis RB20 POC Handset Network Walkie Talkie

Retevis RB20 POC handset use linux system; support 2G / 3G / 4G signalwith GPS tracking function, no limit caling distance, GPS positioning, 4000mAh battery capacity, retvis RB20 network walkie talkie is the best selling Network two way radio.


  1. Easy for Fleet Management and Organization-the smartphone walkie talkie a reliable communication service suitable for all types of projects are needed. Trucks, escalators, crane and lift personnel need to communicate in different groups and at the same time.
  2. Network Two Way Radio-A radio communication solution without range limitations, good sound quality and the option to send an alarm to a dispatcher and/or colleagues on the road is the ideal tool. RB20 Smartphone with PTT and Global Positioning is a perfect fit for this customer segment. Not to forget the social aspect of being able to talk in a group with colleagues on the road using voice.
  3. The RB20 and it has no distance limit, unlike traditional radio. It is suitable for 3G, 4G, and 2G Network, with High-accuracy GPS Antenna with Online Positioning Software Included, while instant location can be tracked by different platforms like PC and other smartphones.


      • PTT One touch communication, strong signal and long continuation talking.
      • Unlimited talking distance, cover a whole country.
      • Private call/Group call/ Member list/ Parent Group call.
      • Battery power voice prompt.
      • Talk priority setting.
      • Loud voice, High fidelity output.
      • Software remote updated.
      • List quick search.
      • Talk Permit Tone.
      • GPS function.
      • 3 Quick call keys
      • Package Include:

      • 1 x Host
      • 1 x Antenna 2G/3G/4G
      • 1 x Back clip(including 2 screws)
      • 1 x Charging cable
      • 1 x charger adapter
      • 1 x Battery
      • 1 x Manual
      • 1 x Handle(used for buckle card and battery)
System Specification
Operating System Linux
Language English
Antenna All networks external antenna, GPS antenna built-in
Display size 1.77Inch SPI color screen, resolution: 128*160 
CPU Quectel
Battery capacity 4000mAh
Rx Sensibility -106dbm
Max Tx Power 23dBm-25dBm@all up bits
Working Temperature -20---+60°C
Storage Temperature -20---+60°C
Audio output power 2W@10% distortion
Sim Card micro SIM
American version
LTE TDD B2 TX:1850-1910MHz RX:1930-1990MHz
LTE TDD B4 TX:1710-1755MHz RX:2110-2155MHz
LTE TDD B5 TX:824-849MHz RX:869-894MHz
LTE TDD B12 TX:699-7160MHz RX:729-746MHz
LTE TDD B13 TX:777-787MHz RX:746-756MHz
LTE TDD B14 TX:788-798MHz RX:758-768MHz
LTE TDD B66 TX:1710-1780MHz RX:2100-2200MHz
LTE TDD B71 TX:663-698MHz RX:617-652MHz
WCDMA 82 TX:1850-1910MHz RX:1930-1990MHz
WCDMA B4 TX:1710-1755MHz RX:2110-2155MHz
WCDMA 85 TX:824-849MHz RX:869-894MHz
European version
LTE FDD B1 TX:1920-1980MHz RX:2110-2170MHz
LTE FDD B3 TX:1710-1785MHz RX:1805-1880MHz
LTE FDD B7 TX:2500-2570MHz RX:2620-2690MHz
LTE FDD B8 TX:880-915MHz RX:925-960MHz
LTE FDD B20 TX:832-862MHz RX:791-821MHz
LTE FDD B28 TX:703-748MHz RX:758-803MHz
LTE TDD B38 TX:2570-2620MHz RX:2570-2620MHz
LTE TDD B40 TX:2300-2400MHz RX:2300-2400MHz
LTE TDD B41 TX:2555-2655MHz RX:2555-26555MHz
WCDMA B1 TX:1920-1980MHz RX:2110-2170MHz
WCDMA 88 TX:880-915MHz RX:925-960MHz
GSM 900MHz 1800MHz

Retevis RB20 Coding Tools

Retevis RB20 POC Intelligent dispatch system

Retevis RB20 Dispatch Management Platform optional

Retevis RB20 EN Manual

Retevis RB20 Multi-language manual

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