RT45 Outdoor License Free Walkie Talkie

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*Keypad Lock & License-free

*NOAA(11CH) (FRS Available)

*1000mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries

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Retevis RT45 walkie talkies is perfect choice for ski activity-- with you family and friends

FCC accepted License free walkie talkies--No legal issues and usage fees. You can use it directly as soon as you got it to take part in your outdoor skiing activities, talk to your family members, team members, partners, etc. Don’t worry about the illegal equipment, the need for radio operating license and other issues.

LCD Screen and big keyboard for easier operation and use

RT45 has no extra knobs, Big button and Lcd screen can display all your operations;Scan;Channel;Lock and more;Work out of the box, compatible with other FRS walkie talkies. Retevis RT45 very suitable for skiing. Up and down keys make it very easy to adjust the function you need.When you wear thick gloves and hold ski equipment, you can easily operate it

Why should you choose Retevis RT45 walkie-talkies for ski instead of other walkie-talkies?

Hands-free operation

Hands-free operation can be achieved through voice and without pressing the PTT button to talk. When you are skiing, you can use Retevis RT45 to communicate with your partner without operating the buttons, which is very convenient.

Clear and smooth calls

Retevis RT45 walkie-talkies use unique companding technology, make sure conversation between you and your family or friends is more clear and smoother.

10 call tone and roger beep

When skiing, you can choose 10 kinds of different music tones; choose this to alert your partners to keep silent and make them listen before you are about to talk; there is also a call end tone.

AA battery and USB charging

Support power by recharge battery; Battery last about 10 hours. Support power by regular AA battery; AA Battery lasts about 29 hours; Support power by car and other mobile Power. It can meet your communication needs in the ski resort all day long, with sufficient power to ensure that you can communicate effectively at any time. AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries also very easy to change, just bring a spare battery.

Retevis RT45 Professional skiing Radio Hot Spot:

  • NOAA(11CH)(Only FRS Available)
  • RF Power<=2W / PMR446 <=0.5W
  • License-free use
  • 1000mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries(6 pcs)

Retevis RT45 Professional skiing Radio Specification:

  1. 22 FRS Channel / 16 PMR446 Channel 
  2. 121 Sub-Code(38 CTCSS Codes&83 DCS Codes)
  3. VOX
  4. 10 Selectable Call Tone Alerts
  5. Backlit LCD Display
  6. Headset jack for Optional Headset
  7. Roger Beep
  8. Room Monitor
  9. Battery Charger
  10. Battery Level Meter
  11. Channel Monitor
  12. Channel Scan
  13. Dual Watch
  14. Keypad Lock
  15. LED Torch
  16. Batter Low Alert

Retevis RT45 Professional skiing Radio Package Includes 

2 x RT45 Two Way Radio
2 x Belt Clip
1 x 2-Solt Charging cable
1 x AC Adapter
6 x 1000mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries
1 x User Manual

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