RT45 Long Range Outdoor Walkie Talkie
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RT45 Long Range Outdoor Walkie Talkie

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Long Range Rechargeable 1000mAh AA Batteries, 22CH, NOAA Weather Alert, Best handheld walkie talkie for Camping Hiking Outdoor.

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Retevis RT45 license-free outdoor walkie talkie 

Retevis RT45 handheld walkie talkie is a license-free walkie talkie, with FRS 22CH/PMR446 16CH license-free channels, NOAA weather alert long talking distance, high quality, the best handheld two way radio fit for family, camping, skiing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie features:

LCD Screen and big keyboard for easier operation and use

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie with LCD screen can display all your operations like Scan, Channel, Lock and more other functions.

Big button, allows you to operate easily even with gloves. Up and down keys make it very easy to adjust the function.

License free walkie talkie 

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie is license free, it has two versions, FRS 22CH and PMR446 16CH, you can choose the version depending on your using area. Retevis RT45 license free walkie talkie also compatible with other FRS walkie talkies, you can use it directly out of the box, no need other settings.

VOX function make you handsfree

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie with VOX function, you can use this function to achieve handsfree, it can transmit signals through voice and without pressing the PTT button to talk. when you are in your outdoor activities, you can use Retevis RT45 to communicate with your partner without operating the buttons, just talking directly, which is very convenient.

Loud clear voice and smooth calls
Retevis RT45 walkie-talkies use unique companding technology, with high-quality speaker components, the radio sound is loud but not harsh. The Automatic squelch function can effectively reduce background noise, which makes it very suit for outdoor communication.

Even used in a noisy environment, the sound of the RT45 walkie talkie can be heard clearly.

NOAA weather alert(Only FRS Available)

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie with 11 NOAA weather alert channels, allow you to get all-hazard alerts and the latest weather updates, make your outdoor activities more planned.

Built-in flashlight

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie flashlight function can help you get light in dark, when it's dark or the environment is dim, the built-in flashlight can help you and your teammates.

AA battery and USB charging

Retevis RT45 walkie talkie original packaged with 6pcs 1000mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries, Battery can last about 10 hours. it also comes with USB charger cable, support power by car, and other mobile Power. which make it very convenient to charge, The AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries are also very easy to change, you can also use the spare AA battery you have.

High power, long talking distance

Retevis RT45 license free walkie talkie FRS version have 2W output power, PMR446 version have 0.5W output power, can help you get long calling distance in your outdoor activities.

  • Retevis RT45 walkie talkie specification:
  1. 22 FRS Channel / 16 PMR446 Channel 
  2. 121 Sub-Code(38 CTCSS Codes&83 DCS Codes)
  3. VOX
  4. 10 Selectable Call Tone Alerts
  5. Backlit LCD Display
  6. Headset jack for Optional Headset
  7. Roger Beep
  8. Room Monitor
  9. Battery Charger
  10. Battery Level Meter
  11. Channel Monitor
  12. Channel Scan
  13. Dual Watch
  14. Keypad Lock
  15. LED Torch
  16. Batter Low Alert

Package Includes 

2 x Retevis RT45 walkie talkie
2 x Belt Clip
1 x 2-Solt Charging cable
1 x AC Adapter
6 x 1000mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries
1 x User Manual

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