RT93 Mobile Piggyback LTE&DMR Repeater
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RT93 Mobile Piggyback LTE&DMR Repeater

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*Mobile piggyback

*Flexible IP networking

*Powerful scheduling management

*Analog/digital back to back

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Retevis RT93 Mobile Piggyback DMR Network Repeater

4G, GPS, WIFI, and 450MHz Antenna, IP Networking, 1024 Channel, Retevis RT93 Piggyback DMR Network Repeater easy to carry, easy to install, can be used for long-distance communication in emergency rescue, outdoor, business, etc., to extend the call distance of handheld walkie-talkies and mobile radios.

Retevis RT93 repeater Main Features:

The intuitive status panel: The host panel comes with various status indicators and interface identifiers, which is very User-friendly.

Dual time slot channel: Support standard DMR dual-slot working mode.

Channels supported: Up to 1024 channel switching with PC tools.

Adjustable transmit power: The transmit power can be adjusted according to actual needs, from 1 to 25 watts.

Flexible IP networking: The device is connected in an IP interconnection mode, and supports wired access mode or wireless access modes such as WIFI, 3G/4G, and satellite communication to implement voice and data communication.

Powerful scheduling management: The scheduling platform can implement scheduling management functions such as device management, terminal management, group logical allocation, and voice scheduling.

Analog/digital back to back: The back-to-back solution enables analog and digital walkie-talkies to interoperate in different modes of operation, ensuring a smooth transition of analog users to numbers.

Package include:

1 x Retevis RT93 piggyback repeater

 1 x Backpack

 1 x 450MHz antenna

 1 x 4G Antenna

 1 x GPS antenna

 1 x WIFI antenna

 1 x Power cable

 1 x User Manual

Retevis RT92 repeater Technical parameters:

Output power 1~25WContinuous adjustable
 FM modulation Mode 11KOF3E 12.5KHz
14KOF3E 20KHz
16KOF3E 25KHz
 4FSK digital modulation 12.5KHz
Only data:7K60FXD
Data and voice
 Transmit Spurious -36dBm<1GHz
 Modulation limit ±2.5KHz 12.5KHz
±4KHz 20KHz
±5KHz 25KHz
 FM Noise 40dB 12.5KHz
43dB 20KHz
45dB 25KHz
 Adjacent Power 60dB 12.5KHz
70dB 20/25KHz
Audio Response +1~-3dB
Audio distortion ≤3%
 Digital voice encoder AMBE++/SELP
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,2&3


 Sensitivity  Analog 0.3μV(12dB SINAD)
0.22μV(Typical)(12dB SINAD)
0.3μV(20dB SINAD)
Digital 0.3μV/BER5%
 Adjacent channel selectivity TIA603 65dB 12.5KHz/75dB 20/25KHz
ETSI 60dB 12.5KHz/70dB 20/25KHz
 Intermediation TIA603 75dB 12.5/20/25KHz
ETSI 70dB 12.5/20/25KHz
 Spurious Response TIA603 75dB 12.5/20/25KHz
ETSI ≥70dB 12.5/20/25KHz
 Block TIA603 90dB
ETSI 90dB84dB
 Signal-to-noise 40dB 12.5KHz
43dB 20KHz
45dB 25KHz
Audio Distortion ≤3%
Audio response +1~-3dB
Conducted emission ≤-57dB

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