RT9550 Digital/Analog DMR Repeater (IP Module Option)
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RT9550 Digital/Analog DMR Repeater (IP Module Option)

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*Compatible with MOTOTRBO series Tier

*PDT Digital/Analog DMR Radio Repeater

*TDMA 2 Time Slots IP Networking

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Retevis RT9550 55W IP Network Digital/Analog DMR Repeater

55W, IP Network, Digital/Analog, PDT/DMR, TDMA 2 Time Slots, Compatible with MOTOTRBO Series Tier, Retevis RT9550 Portable DMR Repeater is a high power digital and analog repeater, fit for business radio communication, use to extend the talking range of handheld walkie talkies and mobile radios.


1.      All-aluminum alloy workmanship and large area heat dissipation design.

2.    Configure with a broadband duplexer slot,and optional built-in duplexer.

3.    Realizing integration of the CCM module, TX and RX module, power supply module and duplexer, and can be put to used after attaching the antenna, even without an engineering cabinet.

4.    All modules can be replaced easily, and you can choose modules flexibly according to your accrual needs.

5.    Equipped with the 220V power module and battery port preventing communication shut down because of power off.

6.    LCD screen for displaying information such as transmit and receive condition.

7.    Equipped with knob that can quickly adjust operating mode, frequency, color code and power. 


1.    Supports conventional transceiving in digital/analog modes.

2.    Supports DMR modes.

3.    Supports IP Networking.

Package Include:

1 x Retevis RT9550 DMR Repeater

1 x Power cable

Working frequency Receive:430-440Mhz,Transmit:440-450MHz(Frequency can be customized according to demand VHF:136-174MHzUHF:400-470MHz)
Channel space 12.5kHz/25kHz
Multi-access mode TDMA
Duplexing space VHF:5.7MHz/10MHzUHF:10MHz
Modulation and demodulation 4FSK/FFSK/FM
Successive data transmission speed(per carrier) 9.6kbps
Carrier frequency error <=100hz
Working humidity 20%-80%
Storage humidity <80%
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
Sensitivity(5%BER)(digital) Static sensitivity -120dBm
Dynamic sensitivity -115dBm
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD)(analogue) -117dBm
Maximum signal Rx level -7dBm
Adjacent channel selectivity -65dB 12.5kHz/-70dB@25kHz
Channel inhibition 12dB
Blocking 84dB
Inter modulation 70dB
Spurious response inhibition 70dB
Conducted spurious transmission -57dBm
Frequency stability ±0.1ppm
RF output power 3-100W
Maximum output power variation ±1.5dB(normal)
Adjacent channel power -65dB 12.5kHz/-75dB@25kHz
Conducted/radiated interference(antenna) 9kHz-1GHz<=-30dBm
Conducted/radiated interference(antenna) 30Mhz-1GHz<=-36dBm
Inter modulation attenuation <=-60dB 12.5kHz
<=-70dB 25kHz
Adjacent channel power during transient switch ±12.5kHz<=-50dB

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