Orange RT29 UHF Long Range Radio with Multi-Unit Charger (6-Pack)
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Orange RT29 UHF Long Range Radio with Multi-Unit Charger (6-Pack)

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10w high power, long distance
3200mAh large battery
emergency alert
Sturdy and durable, six consecutive chargers make charging more convenient
Suitable for construction, real estate, supermarkets, summer camps, large farms/ranches

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RT29 UHF bright orange long-distance walkie-talkie (six pack)

RT29 UHF 10W walkie talkie, high power and long range. The orange walkie-talkie is very eye-catching outdoors. Suitable for construction, real estate, supermarkets, summer camps, large farms/ranches. The two color combinations of orange and black are perfect for team use.


High power:
Long range 10w radio. High power provides strong penetration, ensuring you can communicate between buildings and keep the sound true

Large battery:
Built-in 3000mAh battery capacity, battery life up to 30 hours, suitable for 3-shift work. The standby time is more than 250 hours, which meets the standard shift usage time.

Long standby time:
Power saving mode can extend the use time of the walkie-talkie; low battery reminder reminds you to charge in time

The structure is sturdy, the design is simple, the operation is easy, and it can withstand accidental drops.

hands free:
VOX functionality easily helps increase productivity by allowing users to stay connected and free to focus on the task at hand (requires changing side button settings via computer to use VOX directly)

The intercom emergency siren will sound an alarm and transmit it to other intercoms on the same channel, helping you deal with accidents in time

Listen more clearly:
Level 0-9 squelch blocks weak transmissions or unwanted noise; supports crystal sound quality for clear audio throughout the workplace

More convenient for teams to use:
It has a multi-machine charger that can power 6 RT29 two-way radios at the same time; saving you time and space. It can provide charging support for three shifts of work.

Package includes:

6x back clip
6 x RT29 Orange Long Range UHF Radios
1 x Six-way charger
1 x User Manual
1x program cable
6x headphones

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I like this orange color

I really love this orange color. The transmission distance of RT29 is much farther than I thought. And the battery can be used by my security team for 3 shifts, it's really great!

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