gmrs two way radio for family farm use
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Why Retevis GMRS Radio?

GMRS two way radio can help you get longer calling distance in your family farm. Retevis rugged and durable GMRS two way radios are perfect for farm workers, tractors, trucks, combines, sprayers, ATVs, UTVs, pick-ups, skid-steer loaders, backhoes and more. These most powerful GMRS Radio can take your family farm communication toa new level. All Retevis GMRS Radio with FCC Certification; GMRS Repeater capable; narrow and wide band capable; can talk with each other directly. Retevis GMRS Radio is the best choice for solving long-distance face-to-face communication on the family farms.

RB86 GMRS Mobile Install: Fendt tractor

Retevis RB86 GMRS mobile radio provide the farm tractor driver with high volume, stable, and long distance communication, it is simple to install, easy to operate, make farm communication become easier.

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RA25 GMRS Mobile Install: CaseIH

Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio with 5.2dBi high gain telescopic antenna,help you get the maximum talking range, lip mount support you fix the antena to roll bars, roof racks, and mirrors.

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RB86 GMRS Mobile Install: Combine

This GMRS Farm radio bundle Mobile mounting bracket and Screw packs, allow you to fix the mobile radio above the manipulator. Snap-on waterproof Power Cord Connector and extension cords give you more options for installation locations. this IP67 waterproof and dustproof kit is the ideal choice for reliable communication.

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RA25 Farm Bundle Install: John Deere 4450

The RA25 GMRS radio microphone Hanger with Adjusting screws, allow you fasten the mobile radio in any way, whether it's hanging under the groove or snapping to the side frame. The 9cm/3.54in 3dBi high gain short antenna make the mobile radio get its best talking range.

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Farm Bundle for farm LLC

This GMRS bundle help farm LLC get long talking range, solve the communications between farm workers and drivers. The single call, group call and all call function greatly improves the efficiency of farm communication.

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Family Farm Radio Bundle

Full 20W, 8 Repeater Channels-Split Tone Capable, NOAA, solves calls between family members and vehicles in family farms. upgrade family farm communications to new level.

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Full GMRS repeater bundles

10W Compact GMRS Repeater, 6dBi high gain GMRS antenna, 15 meters 50-3 Pure Copper Low Loss Extend Cable, this GMRS repeater bundle help you extend your current GMRS radios' talking range. When you feel your farm radio talking range is short, this GMRS Repeater bundle will help you.

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Long Distance Farm GMRS Communication Kit

Long Distance GMRS radio kit fit for farmers and tractor drivers, Fit for large family farms, Ranch, and Remote Mountain Family farm. This long distance farm gmrs two way radio communication kit helps remote members achieve face to face communication.

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Efficiency Farm GMRS Communication Kit

One-stop efficient farm GMRS system construction solution kit, 5W GMRS walkie talkie, 20W GMRS Mobile radio, 10W GMRS repeater, easy install and easy use, make you build your farm GMRS Radio system easily.

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