RB86 Compact Farm GMRS Mobile Radio Bundles
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RB86 Compact Farm GMRS Mobile Radio Bundles

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Ues the Retevis RB86 20W GMRS mobile radio to reliable drivers communication for your farm, the Retevis RB86 GMRS mobile radio bundle with roll Bar/Mirror Antenna Mounting Bracket, short antenna, allows you to secure the antenna to the most trunk or car hoods, no drilling necessary. You can use it for your farm tractor, trucks, combines and offroad, it is also fit for the car trip.

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Retevis RB86 Long Range Compact Farm GMRS Mobile Radio Bundles

Retevis RB86 Compact GMRS Mobile radio bundle is a radio bundle that is very popular among tractor drivers. The whole set is IP67 waterproof, which allows the driver to easily get in touch in all kinds of complex weather conditions on the farm. Its invisible short antenna will not affect the operation of the tractor, and allow the tractor to flexibly enter and exit various places of farm activity.

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Retevis RB86 GMRS Mobile Radio Features

  • Two Year Warranty
  • Full 20 Watt GMRS Radio
  • 30 GMRS Channels-identified by editing name.
  • 8 GMRS repeater capable channels 
  • 260 Privacy Codes - Programming different CTCSS, DCS, 2 Tone, 5 Tone per channel, rejecting extra calling from other radios.
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • 7 NOAA Weather Alert channels

  • Emergency alarming Function protect your safety when you need help, and keeps your farming safe.

  • Five programmable multi-functional keys can set various shortcut operations according to different requirements.
  • VOX-hands free
  • Monitor
  • Beep
  • Full keypad handheld Microphone; keypad lock
  • SQL -SQL Allows you to adjust the squelch level according to the Noisy level of the farm work environment for clear communication, Volume adjustable brings you large and clear sound.
  • bandwidth adjustable, 20K for wideband, or 12.5K for narrow band
  • channel and frequency Scan
  • Dual display, dual standby
  • Remote kill/stun and activate

  • 1750Hz tone 
  • DTMF decoding and encoding
  • GMRS License Required
  • FCC ID: 2A3OORB86
  • Dimensions- 4.2 x 4.9 x 1.78 inches

Package Includes

  • 1X Retevis RB86 GMRS Mobile Radio
  • 1X 3.5inch short Antenna
  • 1X 5 meters feeder cable
  • 1X RB46 Lip Mount
  • 1X User’s Manual

1.Two Coax cables can be selected to meet the needs of different customers. If you have no requirement for the diameter of the coax cable, we recommend you to choose 5m Low Loss Cable(Diameter: 5mm / 0.2inch ), this combination has a better call effect.
2. the coax cable length supports customization, if you need other lengths, please contact us.

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