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RT97 GMRS Repeater

15m CA31 low-loss cable

MA09 high-gain antenna 7.2 dBi(specially equipped with GMRS version)

It is the best choice for building home base stations, mobile base stations, portable base stations, outdoor and temporary emergency base stations.

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Complete GMRS repeater solution set for large farms and huge properties, the best solution use for extending the talking distance of handheld two way radios and mobile radios.Install the antenna at the highest position and maximize the GMRS power to maximize the distance,


// RT97 Compact GMRS Repeater(GMRS/TX: 462.5500/RX:467.5500),

// MR004 6dBi High Gain GMRS antenna(462-467MHz)

// 15 meters 50-3 Pure Copper Low Loss Coax Cable

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UHF/VHF support customize

Wide / Narrow band available

Lead time: 1-2 weeks after payment.

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*RT97 Mini Compact Repeater  (GMRS/TX: 462.5500/RX:467.5500)

*MA01 High Gain Base station antenna-3.5dBi (VHF)/4dBi (UHF) 

*15 meters 50-3 Pure Copper Low Loss Coaxial Extend Cable

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Retevis RA87 MicroMobile GMRS Mobile Radio is a 40W long-range GMRS Two-Way Radio260 Privacy Codes, LCD backlight, and dual frequency display

two RA87 GMRS mobile groups to build a simple relay radio station

It very fit for farm tractors, jeeps, offroad, and family trip.

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The Perfect mini solution set to extend mobile and portable two way radios talking range. GMRS/ UHF/VHF/ Customize available, support change wide/ narrow bandwidth by PC software, 10W high power to best extend the radio talking range, fit for large farms, Golf courses, properties.

*With FCC certification

*Small and compact

*Simply to installation

*LCD screen display

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Small and compact design repeater bundle,

# Retevis RT97 mini compact repeater

# 15meters CA31 low loss cable

# NA02 high gain FRP Antenna 7.2 dBi

The best choice for building family base station, mobile base station, Portable Base Station, outdoor and temporary emergency base station.

Please note that the feeder cable length supports customization. Please contact us for quotations of other lengths.

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*Two-way radio bundle with two RA86 and one RT97 repeater to keep your entire farm and ranch connected.
*The repeater relays the signal and extends the communication distance to 25km-50km.
*Provide maximum range communications to your farm with the retevis RT97 repeater kit.

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  • 10W duplexer GMRS repeater
    High gain antenna + low loss cable
    RB19P ultra-thin gmrs radio
    NOAA+2000mAh large battery
    emergency alarm

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UV dual frequency
200 channels
25W high power
TFT LCD display
All alloy body heat dissipation



*Due to the repeater composed of two RA87 40W GMRS mobie radios
*467.5500~467.7250, 8 GMRS relay channels
*Each single RA87 has been tested to reach an output power of 40w when leaving the factory
*Built-in linear regulated power supply, stable and reliable
*Note: Duplexer is not included, there are no restrictions on receiving and transmitting frequency points, and dual antennas are required.

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Long Range business radio solutions for long distance communications, Retevis RT29 10W radio and RT97 repeater bundle can supply up to 15miles talking range fit for large farms, Ranches, Golf Course, Construction, Commercial, etc.

RT29 10W long range radio(black/orange)

Program cable include.



Complete Radio Solution Set Up to 10KM long talking distance.

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Small base station long-distance radio system solutions for family farms, long-distance communication between two or even multiple home addresses, community public assistance systems, etc.



40W high-power mobile radio easily handles every call challenge.

6.5dB gain antenna effectively extends communication distance.

Two RA87 can form a simple 40w repeater.

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Retevis the best selling GMRS repeater and GMRS two way radio bundle, Retevis RT97 and Retevis RB26 GMRS Radio set fit for farm use, a simple long range two way radio bundle fit for all family members.

The base station is built, and with a strong flashlight, you can travel safely even at night.



Fully integrated control microphone makes operation more convenient.

NOAA weather forecast, keep informed of weather changes.

20w gmrs mobile radio, medium to large power.

MR300 6.5dB fiberglass antenna with anti-collision spring base

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TFT LCD display, dual display and dual standby, convenient for observation
UHF and VHF Dual Band Mobile Radio
MR400 6.5dbi fiberglass antenna with spring base for easy installation



*Dual time slot

*IP67 waterproof and dustproof

*DMR digital and analog

*2200mAh large capacity

*10W long range

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* 10w high power walkie talkie
* IP67 waterproof and dustproof body
* IP67 waterproof and dustproof microphone
* 3200mAh high-capacity battery
* Big volume, stronger, long life cycle



RA86 20W GMRS mobile radio with antenna beam, integrated control microphone, NOAA function, simple design and easy operation

RB17A special bright green color, unique portable design, emergency alarm, full 5W long distance call range

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  • 30 GMRS channels
    LED display
    2600mAh battery
    Match bluetooth headset
    With GMRS repeater function



*10w gmrs repeater+5W gmrs radio=8km-20km
*RT97 comes with a car charging cable for easy portability
*RB17A is brightly colored and has an alarm function
*Suitable for outdoor camping, summer camp, farm work and other teams.

Comes with a free RB17A program cable
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*Dual frequency receiving and transmitting
*IP68 waterproof and dustproof
*10w high power long distance two-way radio
*Support Type-C charging
*With microphone, the sound is loud and the sound quality is clear
*Suitable for outdoor activities: farm, adventure, security, patrol, etc.