Retevis RA25 GMRS radio for communication between combines
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Retevis RA25 GMRS radio for communication between combines

Retevis RA25 GMRS radio for communication between combines

When planting or harvesting, it is very important to maintain contact between combines. The Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio set is the cheapest way to coordinate agricultural communication needs.

In order to achieve efficient communication between agriculture, tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural vehicles, and to facilitate installation, we designed this retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio set, which can be used with your tractor, whether it is all glass fiber or not. Regardless of whether they are convertible or not, they are not affected by the tractor-shaped design.

We know that traditional tractors usually use CB radio to communicate with each other in time, but now is the time to make a change, because you have the better choice to change, that is GMRS mobile radio. Retevis RA25 mobile GMRS radios set is designed for this. Whether you are an old "CB "or just need something to work to get the job done, this tractor radio and antenna kit is designed for you.


Retevis RA25 combines radio set

The most prominent feature of Retevis RA25 GMRS radio set is its long range. The key point to understand the long distance is GMRS. Retevis RA25 Mobile GMRS radio is a 20W GMRS mobile radio that meets FCC certification. In the open agricultural farming environment, its communication distance can usually reach about 15km, which is suitable for farms of almost all sizes. And, in the last 8 channels, the Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio supports the connection of GMRS relays, that is, you can connect to GMRS relays near you to make the radio talk longer.

Simple installation combine radio set. Retevis RA25 mobile GMRS mobile radio set include an Magnet Mount with 3.9m RG58 C/U Coaxial Cable, The Magnet Mount allows you to install the antenna wherever you want to install it. You don’t have to worry about the antenna shaking caused by insufficient magnetic attraction. This is a non-existent situation. The strong magnetic attraction of the magnetic chuck can guarantee to support any farm work, like Planting, harvesting, spraying, etc.

Retevis RA25 Installation accessories

A complete set of installation accessories, Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio set original package include full set install accessories, you can install your RA25 mobile GMRS radio in your combines, which can ensure that the mobile radio is fixed in the mechanical cabin, so that you can fix the position of the host and microphone according to your own operating habits, making communication more convenient.

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Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio set for combines

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