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What kind of two way radios do farmers use?

CB radio, GMRS radio, and FRS radio are the mainstream two-way radios currently used on farms. In terms of performance, GMRS two way radio is the best, most suitable for large-scale family farm communication, and is also the mainstream trend of farm radio communication in the future.  ...

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Some tips for preppers from Tonga eruption

There are so many options for prepper gear out there. It can be overwhelming to know what to buy. But there are certain areas of prepping that are especially important. These include food, communication tool, personal protective equipment. Retevis Solutions supply professional gmrs radio for preppers.  ...

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Retevis RT97 Mini GMRS repeater-What You Need To Know

Retevis RT97 is the best selling mini GMRS repeater with FCC certifications, it can be used for hotels, farms, construction sites to help your walkie talkie get longer calling distance, Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater, you can learn more about it to get the best use of it.  ...

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How to operate Retevis RB20 on-the-air account writing

Retevis RB20 POC handset is also the best selling Network two way radio from Retevis. It has two ways of the account writing method, computer and program cable account writing, and on-the-air account writing. this blog mainly introduces how to operate the on-the-air account writing of Retevis RB20 Network radio.  ...

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How to install USB driver for Retevis RB20 POC Handset?

Retevis RB20 POC handset, we also called it RB20 network walkie talkie. It can realize unlimited distance calls. You can program it. Before using the computer program, you must first install the driver. This article introduces how to install the Retevis RB20 driver in detail.  ...

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In-depth analysis-Retevis RT97 Repeater Power

Retevis RT97 mini GMRS repeater is Retevis Best selling repeater, the power of Retevis RT97 is 10W, but some customers feedback it only has 5W output power, so we explain the difference between actual power and rated power from the perspective of professional theory.  ...

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Why you need a portable repeater on your farm

Two way radios are widely used in communication in farms. Repeaters can extend the calling distance of the radio in the farm radio communication, and realize communication between farms, and can cover the signal blind area of the farm radio communication. Which is very useful for farm radio communications.  ...

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What are the Features of Retevis RT97P mini DMR Repeater?

Retevis RT97P Mini DMR repeater is the best-selling most cost-effective DMR repeater in the market, it is a full-duplex mini base station mobile repeater designed to expand the transmission range of handheld walkie-talkies and mobile radios, greatly improve your communication capabilities.   ...

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Retevis RT40 DMR handheld two way radio use in Security

Retevis RT40 DMR Handheld two way radio more secure, clearer in sound quality, and multi-functions very fit for the security team, make security teamwork more safe and efficient.  ...

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Retevis RT80 DMR radio use for traffic command

Retevis RT80 DMR Radio provides greater convenience for the traffic commander. The lightweight and mini design make the traffic commander not tired even if worn for a long time. The complete functional design provides a powerful Backing with functional support, no matter from the choice of function or the design of appearance, the Retevis RT80 DMR radio is the best choice for traffic command.  ...

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