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Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna

The super sturdy Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna is suitable for various mobile radios. For example, Retevis RA25, RB86, RA86, RA87, etc. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, light volume, convenient installation, and can balance gain and radiation area. It is the ideal choice for off-road athletes and outdoor travel friends! It is also very suitable for use in polar, desert, plateau and other environments.  ...

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Retevis RT97 GMRS Repeater Bunlde for Farm Long Range Communication

Retevis RT97 10W GMRS repeater bundle is a complete GMRS repeater kit for farm radio solutions, you can use it to extend your farm and ranch GMRS radio talking range, and get farm and ranch communication longer and more efficient.  ...

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What is the difference in packaging between RT97 repeaters and antennas?

Retevis RT97 basic compact repeater, ideal for building base stations. For farms, ranches, camping trips, summer camps, rescue operations are all practical ways to extend your calling distance. We can choose to buy a suitable combination of RT97 repeaters based on different prices, frequencies, budgets and antennas.  ...

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