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Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna

The super sturdy Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna is suitable for various mobile radios. For example, Retevis RA25, RB86, RA86, RA87, etc. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, light volume, convenient installation, and can balance gain and radiation area. It is the ideal choice for off-road athletes and outdoor travel friends! It is also very suitable for use in polar, desert, plateau and other environments.  ...

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How far can the walkie talkie transmit?

When we choose a walkie-talkie, the transmission distance is a very critical factor. The transmission distance has a lot to do with the environment, the more obstacles there are, the shorter the transmission distance to the walkie-talkie. Range can be extended by adding repeaters or adding antennas. Or replace high powered radios, mobile radios and high gain antennas. For example, retevis nr30, retevis ra85, retevis rt81, retevis rt9000d, retevis mr300, and retevis ma09.  ...

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Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

The annual Double Eleven Shopping Festival is approaching, are you ready to welcome this shopping spree? On this special day, reveissolutions is also carrying out a variety of activities to assist you in choosing a suitable radio.  ...

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