Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?
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Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

The annual Double Eleven Shopping Festival is approaching, are you ready to welcome this shopping spree? On this special day, reveissolutions is also carrying out a variety of activities to assist you in choosing a suitable radio.

Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

This article will reveal the secrets of shopping on Double Eleven, allowing you to choose your favorite two-way radio during this holiday! Let's take a look together!

The first activity, shopping cart full discount, is ongoing!

During the event, when checking out the shopping cart: over 100 save 5, over 200 save 10, over 300 save 20, over 400 save 30, over 500 save 50! (Individual products and shipping costs are not included.)

For example, the RA87 40w GMRS two way radio offers a discounted price of $177.11 per unit, which will be discounted by an additional $5 during settlement. The actual price is $172.11.(order link:RA87 40W long range GMRS mobile radio 


The second activity is to purchase 2 or more handheld walkie talkies with complimentary headphones.

For example, if you purchase two HA1Gs, the package you receive includes two HA1Gs and one HA1G matching earphone.

Purchase 4 RA89s and your package includes 4 RA89s and 2 RA89 matching headphones.

Buy more, give more~(order link:HA1G IP67 Waterproof NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio

The maximum number of headphones given is 6 pieces

HA1G IP67 Waterproof NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio

The third activity is that buy a repeater and get a free handheld radio.

When you purchases the RT97-RT97S series repeater, which includes an antenna kit,and a complimentary RB26 GMRS two way radio

Specific products include:



(order link:GMRS REPEATER

GMRS Repeater

There are also a plethora of bundled and discounted products at discounted prices! The quantity is suitable! The radios you like are all in review solutions.

In short, the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival is a happy holiday, and we should enjoy the fun of shopping on this special day. By planning in advance, focusing on quality, happy shopping, rational shopping and other ways, we can better enjoy the Double 11 Shopping Festival. Let's welcome this shopping feast together!

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