Black Friday Promotion Season - Three Great Value GMRS Walkie Talkies!
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Black Friday Promotion Season - Three Great Value GMRS Walkie Talkies!

Black Friday Promotion Season - Three Great Value GMRS Walkie Talkies!

During the Black Friday event, there are three GMRS handheld walkie talkies that are perfect for giving to friends!

Black Friday Promotion Season - Three Great Value gmrs walkie talkies!

During the Black Friday promotion, these three gmrs two way radios are perfect gifts for friends or family. Let's take a look together!

First model: RB19P ultra-thin GMRS TWO WAY RADIO

RB19P is currently the lightest and thinnest GMRS radio model. Fashionable appearance, simple design, light weight, and effortless daily carrying.

Equipped with NOAA weather warning function, with an output power of 5W, USB-C can be easily charged outdoors, and the LCD display screen provides more intuitive observation of the radio.

Perfect for farms, cycling teams, summer camps, and home communication.

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HA1G is currently the latest GMRS two way radio launched by RETEVIS. The design of a full keyboard allows for setting up radio even without a write frequency cable and PC. It is a gmrs radio that Ham really likes.

Allow to receive frequencies of uhf and vhf, IP67 waterproof and waterproof, smooth use in humid environments, NOAA weather warning, 2800mAh large capacity battery, support TYPE-C charging. It can be said that HA1G is a very versatile GMRS TWO WAY RADIO!

Suitable for friends who have a certain understanding of radio, whether it is on a farm, camping, or off-road.

order link: HA1G IP67 Waterproof NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio


Third option: RB75 large capacity battery GMRS TWO WAY RADIO

RB75 is a gmrs welkie talkie with no keyboard or screen design, and it is currently the largest radio with the largest battery capacity!

RB75 has a 4500mAh Large rechargeable Li ion battery and an IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof, without a screen design, making it more sturdy and resistant to impact, and can be extended in later use. Deeply loved by farms and ranchers!

order link: RB75 IP67 Waterproof Large Battery GMRS Farm Two Way Radio



Do you have any of the three two way radios you like? During the Black Five promotion period, purchase 2 or more walkie talkies as a complimentary earphone~

Click on the image to purchase the corresponding GMRS Two Way Radio.


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