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Bring the Retevis GMRS walkie-talkie, Go Camping

A walkie-talkie is an essential outdoor communication tool for camping. A good walkie-talkie can increase the fun of camping and ensure the safety of camping. A professional GMRS walkie-talkie can not only extend the outdoor communication distance of the walkie-talkie, but also make it convenient for users. Retevis Solutions will provide you with professional camping GMRS intercoms. For example: retevis rb26, retevis rb17p, retevis rb76p, retevis rb75  ...

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National Camping Month

Camping is also a very popular summer activity, which can be enjoyed as much as you like and a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are also many choices of camping locations. No matter where you go to experience nature, safety comes first. Good equipment can give you a better camping experience! retevis is your best partner!  ...

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Camping strategy: How To Choose The Right Walkie-Talkie?

two way radio can help your outdoor camping communications, Retevis Solutions have many two way radio fit for camping, with different functions, like NOAA GMRS walkie talkie, waterproof GMRS walkie talkie, this blog can help you choose the right camping walkie talkie.  ...

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Retevis RB17P GMRS Radio 8 optional backlight colors For Camping

Retevis RB17P GMRS Radio with 8 optional backlight colors function, allow you to adjust the color of the backlight according to your needs when you are in your camping activities, which will help your outdoor activities communication more comfortable.  ...

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Latest launch: Super waterproof walkie talkie- RA89

The Retevis RA89 is the latest analog walkie talkie to be launched, featuring IP68 waterproofing, high power, dual band reception, and other features. The RA89's functional features make it very suitable for any scene in life, whether it is farm, off-road, exploration, camping, or commercial, etc! This article will take everyone to understand the characteristics of RA89.  ...

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Inexpensive and easy-to-use two way radio recommends the second issue

4 ultra-practical GMRS two way radios for family farms, ranches, wild camping, and outdoor harsh environments, priced between $40 and $50. Equipped with NOAA, adjustable bandwidth, emergency alarm function, long-distance radio transmission, so that your work communication is no longer difficult and easy to use.They are retevis RB17A,retevis RB23,retevis RA85 and retevis RT17P.  ...

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Cost-effective Retevis GMRS Handheld Radio

Not only are the retevis RB19P,RB87and RB26 cheap, but there are also very good in terms of performance and functionality. Priced at under $30, pick one of these three if you're new to handheld radio. It is suitable for family farms, ranches, and outdoor camping activities. It will bring a better experience to your communication.  ...

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Retevis RT76P GMRS Walkie Talkie for Camp Counselor

Camp counselors can use Retevis RT76P GMRS walkie talkie to get long-distance calls in camping, and can also maintain timely communication with children. It is the best communication tool when there is no mobile phone signal outdoors.  ...

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2023 Christmas gifts – Three Long-Range Walkie-Talkies that you can’t miss!

During the Christmas promotion period, I would like to recommend 3 long-distance walkie-talkies that are very suitable as gifts. A 10w walkie-talkie can reach about 5km in urban areas (analog signals will be interrupted, and digital signals will be relatively stable.) In wide areas, it can reach 5km-8km. They are RA89, RT29D, HD1.  ...

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How to choose the right one for you among retevis high-power walkie-talkies?

High-power walkie-talkies are generally used in major agriculture, industry, forestry, property buildings and hotel services, etc. This type has higher requirements for the communication distance and call quality of the walkie-talkie. There are many high-power walkie-talkies in retevis, we can choose the right walkie-talkie based on transmission distance, call clarity, durability and price factors.  ...

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