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2023 Christmas gift: Best Two Way Radio For Long Distance--RT81

Best Long Range Two-Way Radio Christmas Gift of 2023 RT81. RT81 high-power two-way radio is a DMR radio that supports digital signals and analog signals. It supports UHF and VHF frequencies and has three modes: simplex, relay, and dual time slots. This is the best two-way radio for long distances and is an ideal choice for many friends. It can be connected with RT97P. Under optimal circumstances, the coverage range is up to 25 kilometers.  ...

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Three high-power long-range mobile radios in 2023

The mobile radios we commonly see in our daily lives are around 20w. Today I would like to recommend three high-power and long-range mobile radios to you. These three high-power mobile radios are RA87 40W GMRS mobile radio, RT9000D 45W dual-band mobile radio and RT90 50W DMR mobile radio. They are very easy to use whether on the farm or outdoor camping!  ...

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A long-distance walkie-talkie perfect for farms! -Orange RT29 UHF Radio

The retevis orange rt29 10w two way radio is a long distance radio suitable for use on the farm. Our friend Brian showed us its long range, easy to find, and rugged qualities.  ...

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2023 Christmas gifts – Three Long-Range Walkie-Talkies that you can’t miss!

During the Christmas promotion period, I would like to recommend 3 long-distance walkie-talkies that are very suitable as gifts. A 10w walkie-talkie can reach about 5km in urban areas (analog signals will be interrupted, and digital signals will be relatively stable.) In wide areas, it can reach 5km-8km. They are RA89, RT29D, HD1.  ...

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Retevis repeater - further expand your call range

When we are in hills, mountains or places with poor signal, we usually choose FRS or GMRS two way radio. But once the distance is too far, our communication will be affected. At this time, you can use a repeater to expand the call range of the walkie-talkie. Using the best RT97 and RT97S sold by retevis as examples, explain why repeaters are used, how repeaters work and how repeaters can change the range of your two-way radio.  ...

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How to increase the talk distance of two way radio

Six way to introduce how to increase the talk distance of the radio and the precautions in the use of the radio to maximize the performance of the radio  ...

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Retevis Solutions’ complete radio solutions Purpose-Make choice easier

Make your radio solutions choice easier, is the pursuit and purpose of retevis solutions. For any radio needs, please contact retevis solutions.  ...

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What is the difference between WCDMA Network Radio and traditional walkie talkie

WCDMA Network radio can use phone network, no talking distance limit, which can meet many needs for long distance talking, it is widely used in aviation ports, traffic police, city management, public security systems, logistics and distribution, taxi and other industries.  ...

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Solutions to expand the radio signal coverage

Wireless radio solution system is widely used by railways, police, property management, hotel management, ports and docks, entertainment places, stadiums, banks, factories, etc. all over the world, but we often encounter signal blind areas and weak signal areas, do you know how to solve this situation?  ...

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Marathon radio communication solution

Marathon radio communication solution specifically customize for marathon,based on the research of the marathon, we have developed a professional marathon communication solution to ensure that the marathon can proceed smoothly and safely.  ...

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