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How to choose Retevis GMRS Mobile Radio for summer travel

Today's article will recommend three GMRS Mobile Radios to you, namely RA87, RB86 and RA25. From the price, size, function and other aspects to show you. When summer is coming, good equipment can help you explore the world better and safer when you are exploring outdoors. Retevis is always with you!  ...

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How to choose walkie-talkie for self-driving tour?

Walkie talkies are a great option for road trips. More and more riders are choosing to travel in groups and take care of each other. Radios have become an important part of team safety. This is indispensable. The higher the power of the radio, the farther the transmission distance. When choosing, we can choose the appropriate power walkie-talkie according to the number of fleets. For example, retevis rt95, retevis ra87, retevis rt9000d, retevis rt90 are all very good choices.  ...

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Three high-power long-range mobile radios in 2023

The mobile radios we commonly see in our daily lives are around 20w. Today I would like to recommend three high-power and long-range mobile radios to you. These three high-power mobile radios are RA87 40W GMRS mobile radio, RT9000D 45W dual-band mobile radio and RT90 50W DMR mobile radio. They are very easy to use whether on the farm or outdoor camping!  ...

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Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

The annual Double Eleven Shopping Festival is approaching, are you ready to welcome this shopping spree? On this special day, reveissolutions is also carrying out a variety of activities to assist you in choosing a suitable radio.  ...

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What harm will continuous precipitation cause to peanut harvest?

The end of September and the beginning of October is the time for peanut harvesting. If encountered at this time, continuous precipitation will cause harm to the peanut harvest. We can use two way radio to help us harvest peanuts, such as the vox function in the radio, ip67 waterproof and dustproof, and noaa.  ...

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Choose walkie talkies based on farm area

The scope of a farm can range from a few acres to a large area of land, and people may be scattered throughout the farm while working. When you need to communicate, two-way radio is a very good choice.Whether you are registering in the farmhouse, running the Combine harvester and grain truck, cleaning the grain tank or just having a daily conversation, the walkie talkie can ensure that everything goes smoothly in your daily work. Come and choose a suitable radio based on the area of your farm.  ...

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