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Retevis GMRS Two Way Radio helps boost wheat harvest

Retevis GMRS two way radio can be an invaluable tool for wheat growers, providing them with critical information and support throughout the harvest process. From weather updates to connectivity in remote areas, ease of use and group communications, farmers can make better decisions about their crops with GMRS two way radio. For example: RB86, RA86, RA85, RB19P, etc.  ...

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The Important Function And Influence Of NOAA For Agricultural Production

NOAA plays a vital role in agricultural production. Farmers can arrange agricultural activities reasonably through weather forecast information, and take effective measures in time to deal with disastrous weather and avoid disasters causing losses to agriculture.  ...

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What harm will continuous precipitation cause to peanut harvest?

The end of September and the beginning of October is the time for peanut harvesting. If encountered at this time, continuous precipitation will cause harm to the peanut harvest. We can use two way radio to help us harvest peanuts, such as the vox function in the radio, ip67 waterproof and dustproof, and noaa.  ...

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Retevissolutions September Activity Season - Boosting Agricultural Harvest

retevissolutions promotion to help agricultural harvest. All products are discounted. From NOAA two way radios to mobile radios suitable for tractors, to repeaters for base station construction, discounts are prepared for everyone.  ...

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How farms Staying alert and prepared during severe winter waether?

Farmers who are staying alert and prepared during severe winter weather can do a number of things to help keep their farms and businesses running smoothly. One key step is to have a plan for how to deal with emergencies, such as a power outage. Additionally, farmers should have a plan for how to keep their animals warm during winter weather.  ...

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