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Full Farm Radio Solutions for Large Farm Harvest Communications

Long Range GMRS radio solution set for large farm communications, Retevis Long Range GMRS radio solution bundle include Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater use to extend farm GMRS radios talking range, Retevis RB86 GMRS mobile radio for farm combines harvester, Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie for farm members, supply stable, clear, and long range calls for farm harvest.  ...

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Retevis RB75 Large capacity battery two way farm radio for farm winter communictaion

Retevis RB75 Two way farm radio with 4500mAh large rechargeable battery, which can meet the communication needs of the farm in winter, reduce the impact of cold and low temperature on the Two way farm radio battery, and provide guarantee for the communication of the farm in the cold low temperature state in winter.  ...

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Retevis RT76 GMRS handheld Radio for Whaet Farm Communication

Retevis RT76 GMRS Handheld radio is a compact, simple design, and easy use GMRS handheld radio for farm communication, Retevis RT76's long-range and high-quality calling quality makes it very fit for farm and ranch radio communication.  ...

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Retevis RT97 Long Distance GMRS Radio Bundle for Large farm

Long distance GMRS radio bundle with GMRS repeaters, fit for farm area is between 1,000 acres and 10,000 acres. large farm communication solution set, Retevis Solutions help you get the best GMRS radio solution kit for your farm communication.  ...

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Why Must Use GMRS radio for your Farm and Ranch?

It has become a trend for GMRS radio to replace CB radio and FRS radio as a communication tool for farms and ranches. Do you know why? What are the advantages of GMRS radio? Learn more from this blog.  ...

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Retevis RB86 GMRS Mobile Radio for Farm RTV vehicles Communication

Retevis RB86 GMRS Mobile radio with IP67 waterproof and NOAA function, mini and compact size make it very fit for farm and ranch's RTV vehicles communication, the Retevis RB86 GMRS mobile radio bundle can help you get in touch with your RTV vehicles, make your farm and ranch efficiency and safety.  ...

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Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio Is Key to Farm Collaboration

Retevis NR30 and RB86 GMRS Mobile Radio Bundles, very useful farm kit. The communication distance of 20w and 5w is completely sufficient for family farms, pastures, and outdoor off-road. NOAA, IP67, 2800mAh battery, squelch adjustment and electronic noise reduction are all very practical functions, and you can hear each other's voice clearly in a noisy environment. Improve work efficiency.  ...

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Why Must Set SQL for Your Retevis RB27 Farm radio?

Retevis RB27 Handheld GMRS Fram radio is widely used in farming, the setting squelches level also called SQL of Retevis RB27 GMRS Radio can help you get clear signals in different using environments. you can set Retevis RB27 squelches level by MANU key or program software.  ...

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Farm radio communications solutions

The solution of agricultural radio communication is put forward after studying the work content of agricultural workers. It can meet the communication requirements of agricultural workers in their work, and the equipment is solid and durable. It can help farmers and agricultural workers get efficient radio communication help at the lowest cost.  ...

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What is your expected price of the radio on your farm?

For farmers, it is very important to choose a cost-effective walkie-talkie to meet daily farm work communication. How to find the most suitable walkie-talkie and how to get the best price? You can find the answer at Retevis Solutions  ...

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