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How to use Retevis NR30 to improve Farm Long Range and clear communication

Retevis NR30 5W GMRS radio is the right two way radio for farm use, it with Bidirectional electronic noise reduction, can bring farms clear calls on the farm, 5W output power make calling distance longer, Retevis NR30 GMRS Radio can make farmers communication more clear and long range, keep farming efficiency and keep safe.  ...

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Features of Retevis NR30 GMRS two way radio

Retevis NR30 GMRS radio have two way electronic noise reduction and IP67 waterproof, and type-c charging, very fit for farming communications, family outdoor calls, and many other noisy environments.  ...

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Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023

Retevissolutions is getting ready for the growing season and the upcoming massive harvest! Retevissolutions GMRS radio mid-year promotion! All items are discounted! The lowest price of the year, a rare opportunity, don't miss it! RT29, NR30, RB86 and RT97 are very suitable intercom and mobile radio for farm use.  ...

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How far can the walkie talkie transmit?

When we choose a walkie-talkie, the transmission distance is a very critical factor. The transmission distance has a lot to do with the environment, the more obstacles there are, the shorter the transmission distance to the walkie-talkie. Range can be extended by adding repeaters or adding antennas. Or replace high powered radios, mobile radios and high gain antennas. For example, retevis nr30, retevis ra85, retevis rt81, retevis rt9000d, retevis mr300, and retevis ma09.  ...

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Several methods to help you determine whether corn can be harvested

One of the staple crops grown on farmland for centuries, corn is an important ingredient in many foods and used to produce a variety of products. How to judge that corn can be harvested, and what should be paid attention to? During the harvesting process, it is very important to use radio to maintain smooth communication, improve work efficiency and ensure worker safety. For example, retevis nr30 and retevis rb86 are very good radios.  ...

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Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio Is Key to Farm Collaboration

Retevis NR30 and RB86 GMRS Mobile Radio Bundles, very useful farm kit. The communication distance of 20w and 5w is completely sufficient for family farms, pastures, and outdoor off-road. NOAA, IP67, 2800mAh battery, squelch adjustment and electronic noise reduction are all very practical functions, and you can hear each other's voice clearly in a noisy environment. Improve work efficiency.  ...

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Choosing the Right Radio Solution for a Dairy Farm

There are many ranches in Ohio, of which dairy farms are the most typical. In the harvest season, both ranches and farms must choose the appropriate retevis radio solution in order to be able to work better and improve efficiency. The main factors we consider when selecting a radio for a ranch are distance, sound clarity and NOAA capability.  ...

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What do the letters and numbers of the IP Index stand for?

What do the letters and numbers of the IP index represent? Retevis has a wide range of IP67 rated walkie talkies and mobile radios. Walkie-talkies with waterproof function are more durable in actual use in outdoor scenes and can better adapt to changing environments. Especially when farming or harvesting, a rugged radio can help us work more efficiently.  ...

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Choose walkie talkies based on farm area

The scope of a farm can range from a few acres to a large area of land, and people may be scattered throughout the farm while working. When you need to communicate, two-way radio is a very good choice.Whether you are registering in the farmhouse, running the Combine harvester and grain truck, cleaning the grain tank or just having a daily conversation, the walkie talkie can ensure that everything goes smoothly in your daily work. Come and choose a suitable radio based on the area of your farm.  ...

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