Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023
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Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023

Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023

Retevissolutions is getting ready for the growing season and the upcoming massive harvest! Retevissolutions GMRS radio mid-year promotion! All items are discounted! The lowest price of the year, a rare opportunity, don't miss it!

RB86 is 60% off for a limited time! 25% off for RT97 Mini Compact GMRS Repeater! On the basis of 8% off RT97S, use Scott's exclusive coupon to directly save $100!

Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale

Today I will introduce several GMRS Radios that are very suitable for agriculture and outdoor use!

The first is two handheld walkie-talkies, namely RT29 and NR30. They are very suitable for agricultural and outdoor scenes.

Both are IP67 waterproof and dustproof, easy to operate and durable. The Vox function frees your hands. Alarm function helps protect your safety.

RT29: Mainly 10w high power, long-distance communication, equipped with 3200mAh large battery capacity, you don’t have to worry about power problems when you work outdoors all day

RT29 high power walkie talkie

NR30: The upgraded electronic noise reduction technology makes the communication clearer, even if the tractor and combine harvester are working on the farm at the same time, they can communicate easily!

NR30 GMRS Two Way Radio

Secondly,RB86 is a 20w waterproof GMRS Mobile radio suitable for use on tractors, harvesters, and off-road vehicles.

With the NOAA function, it is very important for agriculture to know the weather conditions in advance when harvesting and sowing, and adjust the planting rhythm in time. 30 GMRS channels, vox, dual display and dual standby are all available. It is our good partner in farming!

RB86 GMRS Mobile Radio

Finally,Our Site's Best Selling GMRS Relay - RT97!

RT97 is an analog repeater with simple structure and compact design. Used to extend the transmission range of portable and mobile walkie-talkies. It is widely used in large farms, golf courses, large properties, home base stations, and GMRS shared relay stations to extend the existing radio communication distance and cover signal blind areas.

RT97 Mini Compact GMRS Repeater

There are also a lot of combination suits on sale at a discount! Get ready for your farm's harvest and planting in advance~

Event time July 1st to August 31st

The lowest price of the year, don't miss it~

retevissolutions Harvest Season Promotion

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