The application of RT97 and RB19P in vegetable farms
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The application of RT97 and RB19P in vegetable farms

The application of RT97 and RB19P in vegetable farms

As one of the important agricultural provinces in the United States, California has become a treasure trove of agriculture due to its unique climate conditions and land resources. Especially in the field of fruits and vegetables, California has won the favor of domestic and international markets for its abundant production and high quality.

The application of RT97 and RB19P in vegetable farms

 Our friend Eric shared with us his experience using RT97 gmrs repeaters and six RB19Ps in his vegetable farming.

About Eric's vegetable farm

"I took over the vegetable farm from my father's hands, and we grow about 20 types of vegetables throughout the year, such as coriander, celery, tomatoes, and so on. Previously, the farm only grew vegetables and sold packaged vegetable bags to the factory. However, with the development of the tourism industry. "Eric opened up a dedicated area on the farm to provide vegetable experiences, which attracted many parents and their children to experience picking and planting.

Vegetable Picking Agricultural Park

Why choose to use walkie talkies on farms?

My mobile phone signal can basically cover my farm, but in places such as warehouses and seed banks, the signal is very weak and sometimes cannot be contacted. There are only three main types of work in my vegetable farm now: mechanized planting and harvesting, packaging vegetables, and experiencing the park. There are many workers and they need to operate with both hands during work, so using a phone to complete communication is not convenient

Therefore, Eric chose RT97 repeaters and RB19P two way radio to replace mobile phones for communication on the farm.

vegetable processing area

What role does Two Way Radio play in the farm?

1. More convenient and hands free

The VOX function of RB19P is very convenient! After it is turned on, our workers do not need to press PTT to talk, so we do not have to put our things on the ground and wipe our hands when packing vegetables or picking to operate the two way radio.

2. No dead angle communication

RT97 is an entry-level 10w duplexer repeater that, in conjunction with RB19P 5w gmrs walkie talkie, can cover distances of 8km-13km (specific distances are based on actual terrain). Even in the warehouse or seed storage room, one can hear the voices of companions.

3. Economical and affordable, with lower prices than mobile phones

It is difficult to avoid collisions with communication equipment during work. The cost of purchasing and repairing a mobile phone is high, and it has multiple functions, making it easy to be distracted. RB19P, combined with six way charging, is easy to charge, has a lower purchase price than a mobile phone, low maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan.

RT97 GMRS Repeater and RB19P 6 pack – Farm Team Bundles

RT97 GMRS Repeater and RB19P 6 pack – Farm Team Bundles

RB19P NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio with Multi-Unit Charger (6 Pack)

retevis rb19p gmrs two way radio

RT97 GMRS Repeater bundles compact Base Station

RT97 GMRS Repeater bundles compact Base Station

Overall, the RT97 repeater and RB19P GMRS two way radio helped Eric's vegetable farm solve communication problems, ensure the normal operation of daily work, improve work efficiency, and reduce the cost of maintaining worker communication.

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