2023 Christmas gift - RT97 repeater component own base station
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2023 Christmas gift - RT97 repeater component own base station

2023 Christmas gift - RT97 repeater component own base station

The use of repeaters allows the call distance to be no longer limited to wattage. The signal relaying through the repeater can extend the transmission distance, allowing teams in a larger area to be combined more efficiently.

2023 Christmas gift - RT97 repeater component own base station

What role does a repeater play?

Repeaters have the function of amplifying, forwarding and enhancing signals, and can transmit signals to longer distances or weaker signal coverage areas, thereby expanding the transmission distance and coverage of the signal to provide a more stable and smooth communication experience for the majority of users. .

In what situations are repeaters suitable for use?
It can be mainly divided into three situations
First, in places such as large offices, factories, or public places, repeaters can be used to expand network signals and improve network coverage.
Second, in basements, high-rise buildings, or places far away from signal transmission towers, repeaters can be used to enhance the signal and improve the stability and speed of the network connection.
Third, if you cannot connect to the network in a certain area, you can use a repeater to forward the signal and solve the network connection problem.

rt97 usage scenarios

RT97 repeater suitable for building base stations.

RT97 is a 10w analog repeater that supports UHF, VHF, GMRS and customized frequencies.
GMRS: with MA09 (7.2dbi fiberglass antenna)-MR004 (6 dbi aluminum antenna)
UHF-VHF: with MA02 (7.2dbi fiberglass antenna)-MA01 (3.5 dbi aluminum antenna/4 dbi aluminum antenna)


The packaged package contains the RT97 main unit, antenna and feeder. The host of RT97 includes program cable, charging cable and car charging cable. A combination can perfectly meet your needs. Basically it can be used out of the box. Whether it is communication needs in a grain warehouse, office space, or outdoor summer camp, a base station can be constructed through the RT97 repeater to meet the communication needs.

During the Christmas event, if you purchase the RT97 combination with antenna, you will get a free RB19P 5w noaa ultra-thin walkie-talkie.

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