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Top 10 Benefits Agriculture Obtained from GMRS Mobile Radios

Mobile GMRS radio use in Agriculture, not only can help solve the communication in agriculture when there is no mobile phone signal, but also the low cost and durability are very popular with farmers. Today we listed the top 10 benefits of GMRS mobile radio for agriculture.  ...

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The Best Two Way Radios For Agriculture

Two-way radio is the best choice because it does not require any external equipment to complete the signal transmission. It can talk without any network support, and there is no additional cost. It is very suitable for agriculture, etc. Retevis GMRS bundles can meet all the communication needs of agriculture.  ...

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The Importance of NOAA to Agriculture

Famers can use NOAA radios to get weather information, Guide agricultural production and reduce losses. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) offers relevant climate and weather data, products, and services from NOAA satellite, radar, and in situ observing systems that allow farmers to optimize operations and manage environmental risks.  ...

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Why are radios used on farms?

There are more and more people applying radio to agriculture and animal husbandry. Their convenience, large coverage, instant communication, high cost performance and robustness make them indispensable tools in farming or livestock farming. It has a great impact on instant communication and efficiency improvement.The retevis radio is also a very good choice among radios.For example: retevis rb26, retevis rt29 and retevis RT9000D.  ...

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How to choose the right one for you among retevis high-power walkie-talkies?

High-power walkie-talkies are generally used in major agriculture, industry, forestry, property buildings and hotel services, etc. This type has higher requirements for the communication distance and call quality of the walkie-talkie. There are many high-power walkie-talkies in retevis, we can choose the right walkie-talkie based on transmission distance, call clarity, durability and price factors.  ...

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3 Best GMRS Walkie Talkie for Family Farm Use

GMRS radio has gradually become a mainstream communication tool in agriculture. Do you know how to choose a GMRS walkie talkie that is suitable for your farm? What should you know before choosing? This article will guide you to make the right choice  ...

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Retevis RA25 GMRS radio for communication between combines

Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio set is a long range combines radio set, can meet the communication between combines, agriculture, tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural vehicles, it can help you ensure timely and effective communication between combine harvesting, and ensure that the agricultural machinery can complete the coordination work. Ensure the smooth and efficient progress of agricultural work.  ...

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Retevis two way radio helps family ranges communicate more closely

On the ranch, effective communication is critical to productivity and family safety. The Retevis two-way radio is an excellent tool for helping ranching families communicate more closely. Aileen from Texas shared with us her story about using retevis RT97 and retevis RB26 in her ranch. By using this device, ranch families can communicate in real time and across distances, thereby improving work efficiency and ensuring family safety.  ...

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Retevis GMRS Two Way Radio helps boost wheat harvest

Retevis GMRS two way radio can be an invaluable tool for wheat growers, providing them with critical information and support throughout the harvest process. From weather updates to connectivity in remote areas, ease of use and group communications, farmers can make better decisions about their crops with GMRS two way radio. For example: RB86, RA86, RA85, RB19P, etc.  ...

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Several methods to help you determine whether corn can be harvested

One of the staple crops grown on farmland for centuries, corn is an important ingredient in many foods and used to produce a variety of products. How to judge that corn can be harvested, and what should be paid attention to? During the harvesting process, it is very important to use radio to maintain smooth communication, improve work efficiency and ensure worker safety. For example, retevis nr30 and retevis rb86 are very good radios.  ...

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