The Best Two Way Radios For Agriculture
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The Best Two Way Radios For Agriculture

The Best Two Way Radios For Agriculture

When working on a farm, people often face the situation that there is no mobile phone coverage. The large area of the farm usually makes verbal communication difficult; the communication between the farmer and the agricultural machinery operator is usually due to the roar of the machinery Sound and distance problems become difficult; the coordination between row machinery usually requires timely communication between drivers to solve them. In traditional agriculture, people can only choose a hand-held walkie-talkie with a limited range of use, like FRS, or choose a poor quality CB radio, or use an expensive commercial walkie-talkie, but this is not the best choice. Now, Retevis Solutions list the NOAA GMRS bundles solution that can perfectly solve these problems.

Two-way radio is the best choice because it does not require any external equipment to complete the signal transmission. It can talk without any network support, and there is no additional cost. It is very suitable for agriculture, etc. Relatively fixed and frequent call application scenarios. And two-way radios have the characteristics of reasonable price, easy to wear, sturdy and durable, and drop resistance. With the support of mobile radios for agricultural machinery, they can meet all the communication needs of agriculture.

gmrs two way radio

Why choose GMRS?

For two way radios, handheld GMRS two way radio allows 5W transmission power, which can provide a longer call distance compared to 2W FRS license-free walkie talkie, and 50W mobile radio power and 50W no limited repeater connecting, will help farmers get the best communication solution for their farm. compared with commercial radio, the use of GMRS is freer, which is more suitable for agricultural workers.

The Best Handheld GMRS Two Way Radio for Agriculture

gmrs walkie talkie

Retevis RB17P should the best choice for agriculture:

Retevis RB17P Applications:
In farm work, the main application of Retevis RB17P two-way radio is the communication of grain carts. In addition, radio communication can be established between grain carts and tractors in the farm to reduce the pressure of communication. In the upcoming planting season, you can also use two-way radio to organize planting, feed livestock, coordinate farm work, etc. At this time, you can confidently say, "No cell phone signal,  no worry"

Retevis RB17P GMRS radio talking Range:
At any time, you need to ensure that the talk range of the walkie-talkie can be 100% fully covered enough to ensure that there will be no problems in the entire communication. Retevis RB17P can reach a range of 5km in a wide farm without any obstacles and can reach a range of about 3KM in an area with dense obstacles. If your communication range still has problems, we recommend You use Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio and upgrade the antenna, such as the MA07 5.2dBi booster antenna.

If your farm is located in a rural area, then you are unlikely to receive messages from other radios, but it is not entirely possible to prevent your neighbors from not using GMRS walkie-talkies. All Retevis users can choose to set up exclusive CTCSS/DCS to prevent the reception of unnecessary information.

Although your farm may be in a rural area where it is unlikely to pick up messages from other radios, you may run into a neighbor who is running FRS/GMRS frequency radios as well.  All of the Midland radios provided for agriculture have access to privacy codes that block out unwanted chatter.

If you are already using other brands of two way radios, or other Retevis walkie-talkies, and are looking for other handheld two-way radios, please make sure that they can talk to each other, which is what we say is compatible. Before buying, you can consult Retevis Solutions for help.

All Retevis RB17P have the same factory settings. You can use them directly to talk on the same channel. If you need more private settings, you can set special functions through the frequency line and CTCSS to avoid receiving wireless information. These are very simple!

The Retevis RB17P radio also comes equipped with NOAA weather alerts, when you are out on the farm and not checking in on weather alerts online. The Retevis RB17P will help you. It also comes with a USB charging port for charging your devices on the go!

The Best Mobile Radios For Agriculture:


The RA25 20-watt mobile radio is a great two-way radio to install in both a vehicle or a building where you want a base radio. The range of this radio can be up to 50 miles with no obstructions. For farmers, you can expect 10+ miles as long as there are no major obstructions in the way. Retevis RA25 is a GMRS radio and is compatible with other FRS/GMRS handheld two-way radios on the farm. 

The Best Mobile Radios For Agriculture

RA25 Long Range GMRS Solution Bundle For Farm Communication

The bundle contains the powerful RA25 20-Watt GMRS Radio and two RB17P GMRS walkie talkies making communication from tractor operator to field support a button push away. The RETEVIS RA25 also works great for communication between combines, self-propelled sprayers and forage harvesters, UTVs, semi and pickup trucks, and many other farm applications. The RB17P features 128 GMRS channels, 11 NOAA weather alert channels and USB port for charging mobile devices. 

Retevis GMRS radio:

Retevis Solutions GMRS walkie talkie

The GMRS Bundles is the most popular farming bundle. It bundles Retevis Handheld GMRS walkie talkie, GMRS mobile radio, retevis high gain antenna, feeder cable, and others accessories. Farmers need other designs or functions, can order from Retevis Solutions directly.

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