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The application of RT97 and RB19P in vegetable farms

Our friend Eric shared with us his experience using RT97 gmrs repeaters and a six-pack of RB19P in his vegetable farm. The RT97 gmrs repeater and RB19P GMRS two way radio helped Eric's vegetable farm solve communication problems, ensure the normal operation of daily work, improve work efficiency, and reduce the cost of maintaining communication among workers.  ...

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Retevis GMRS Two Way Radio helps boost wheat harvest

Retevis GMRS two way radio can be an invaluable tool for wheat growers, providing them with critical information and support throughout the harvest process. From weather updates to connectivity in remote areas, ease of use and group communications, farmers can make better decisions about their crops with GMRS two way radio. For example: RB86, RA86, RA85, RB19P, etc.  ...

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Cost-effective Retevis GMRS Handheld Radio

Not only are the retevis RB19P,RB87and RB26 cheap, but there are also very good in terms of performance and functionality. Priced at under $30, pick one of these three if you're new to handheld radio. It is suitable for family farms, ranches, and outdoor camping activities. It will bring a better experience to your communication.  ...

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Retevis NOAA GMRS Radio make sure your family is Weather-Ready

Use GMRS walkie talkie with NOAA function, make you and your families weather-Ready by preparing for the season ahead. The gmrs radio can also keep you in touch when in the hurricane all phone antennas were down.  ...

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Black Friday Promotion Season - Three Great Value GMRS Walkie Talkies!

During the Black Friday promotion, these three GMRS two way radios are very suitable as gifts for friends or family. Retevis rb19p, retevis ha1g, retevis rb75, these three gmrs walkie talkie are currently very popular radios. Very suitable as a Thanksgiving gift.  ...

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Using NOAA Capabilities to Help Planting Produce Better Results

If we have a GMRS two-way radio or GMRS mobile radio with NOAA function, we can know the weather conditions in advance, react in time and reduce our losses. Today's article will recommend several retevis products that are suitable for agricultural use and have noaa function. They are: RA85, RB19P, RB17P, RT76P and RB86.  ...

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Application of walkie-talkies in agricultural tourism areas

With the continuous upgrading of the industry, some simple agricultural lands have transitioned into agricultural tourism areas that integrate planting, tourism and experience. As the business expands and the number of employees increases, communication begins to become complicated. Taking the Fresno Agricultural Tourism Zone in the United States as an example, we analyze the important role that RT97 repeaters, RB19P and RT29 play in communication.  ...

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Retevissolutions September Activity Season - Boosting Agricultural Harvest

retevissolutions promotion to help agricultural harvest. All products are discounted. From NOAA two way radios to mobile radios suitable for tractors, to repeaters for base station construction, discounts are prepared for everyone.  ...

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