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Retevis RA86 GMRS mobile Radio Program Software Introduction

You can use Retevis RA86 GMRS mobile radio software to program the reserved blank channels and settings, Retevis RA86 GMRS mobile radio very fit for family farm tractor use, in retevissolutions, we have retevis ra86 gmrs mobile radio for sale, welcome order from us for the best price.  ...

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How to set NOAA and NOAA Weather Alert for Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio

The NOAA weather forecast and NOAA weather alert function of Retevis RA86 can bring great convenience to farmers. This article mainly tells you how to set the NOAA and NOAA Weather alert of Retevis RA86 GMRS Tractor radio.  ...

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Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio Integrated Control Microphone Introduction

The Retevis RA86 20-Watt GMRS mobile two-way radio features a Fully Integrated Control Microphone ideal for vehicles with limited dashboard space, allowing the radio base unit to be stashed away. Transmit with authority on 22 GMRS channels and 8 repeater channels. The Retevis RA86 is equipped with NOAA Weather Scan + Alert technology to keep you informed on local weather conditions.  ...

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What are the features of Retevis RA86 GMRS Tractor Radio?

Retevis RA86 20W Integrated Control Microphone GMRS tractor radio is very fit for farm Tractor use, supply long talking range for farm tractor drivers, improve farming efficiency, and keep safe.  ...

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Retevis GMRS Two Way Radio helps boost wheat harvest

Retevis GMRS two way radio can be an invaluable tool for wheat growers, providing them with critical information and support throughout the harvest process. From weather updates to connectivity in remote areas, ease of use and group communications, farmers can make better decisions about their crops with GMRS two way radio. For example: RB86, RA86, RA85, RB19P, etc.  ...

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The most suitable gift for your friends working on a farm on Halloween in 2023

Recommended Halloween gifts for 2023! retevissolutions helps you choose the right Halloween gift for your friends or family. The gifts recommended for you today are perfect for your friends who work on a farm or ranch. The gifts are retevis rb17p, retevis ra86, retevis rt97s and retevis rt97 bundle.  ...

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2023 Top 3 Two Way Radios for Farm Use

Two way radios are the ideal communication tool for farm communication. Helps increase farm productivity and ensure safety. Retevis Solutions has compiled the 3 best two-way radios for farm use and hopes to help you make the right choice. In 2023, three radios that are easy to use on farms are retevis RA86, retevis RB75, and retevis RT29.  ...

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The best two way radio for farming

Retevis RA86 and RB75 GMRS two way radio set is the best two way radio for farming, it can supply clear and long range communications for farm, help improve farming efficiency and keep safe. Retevis Supplies the best two way radios for farm use.  ...

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Compact GMRS two way radio Bunlde for family vacation

The retevis ra86 and rb26 bundle is a compact GMRS mobile radio suitable for family vacations. It can be convenient for family use, ensure family safety, and make family vacations more fun. Not only is it easy to install, but it can also make calls easily, and one set can solve the problem for outdoor travel.  ...

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2023 Christmas gift recommendation-mobile radio suitable for farm tractors

The bells of Christmas have been ringing. In this season of blessings and laughter, we look forward to harvest and reunion. At this special moment, choosing a suitable tractor mobile platform for your farm will bring you more convenience and benefits. During the Christmas period, discounts continue, and RT98, RA86, and RT9000d are all at super low prices!  ...

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