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The Most Ideal GMRS Analog Repeater - Retevis RT97S

The RT97S repeater is not only a very practical tool for extending call distance, but also suitable for building your own base station. And the RT97S package comes with a car charging cable, which can also be carried on the vehicle, making it very convenient for rescue activities such as fire rescue and disaster relief. The RT97S has an additional DB-9 female connector for adding external controllers for connection purposes, enabling networking.  ...

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What are the differences between RT97 and RT97S GMRS repeater?

What is the difference between RETEVIS RT97 and RT97S? Today’s article will show you the differences between the two repeaters in three aspects. The main difference between RT97S and RT97 GMRS repeater is that RT97S has an extra DB-9 Female connector for adding an external controller for linking purposes, mainly for ham use, their other functions, including the programming software are also the same.Both RT97 and RT97S are ideal repeaters for building gmrs base stations.  ...

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Practical application of Retevis RT97/RT97S GMRS repeater

Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater and Retevis RT97S GMRS repeater are simple to use and easy to operate. Equipped with a cigarette lighter can enrich their usage scenarios. They often appear in family farms, large supermarkets, off-road fleets, and areas that cannot be covered by signal base stations. Many of our customers are from Oregon. Today, let us take Oregon as an example and take a look at the practical application of RT97 and RT97S!  ...

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The Best GMRS Base Station in 2023- RT97S GMRS Repeater

The best GMRS base station in 2023 is the RT97S repeater. It has been upgraded on the basis of RT97. It can not only relay signals, but also act as a separate radio to communicate directly with mobile radio or two way radio. We will introduce RT97S from the following 4 aspects. During Christmas, RT97S is at a super low discount!  ...

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When RT97 and RT97S don't work, how to determine where the problem is?

retevis RT97 and RT97S are two 10W repeaters. They are loved by people because they are easy to operate and portable and can be connected to most two way radios on the market to effectively extend the communication distance. When some friends encounter a situation where the repeater fails to work, there are two ways to simply determine where the problem is. The first method is to detect the power cord. The second method is to test the power strip inside.  ...

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Retevis repeater - further expand your call range

When we are in hills, mountains or places with poor signal, we usually choose FRS or GMRS two way radio. But once the distance is too far, our communication will be affected. At this time, you can use a repeater to expand the call range of the walkie-talkie. Using the best RT97 and RT97S sold by retevis as examples, explain why repeaters are used, how repeaters work and how repeaters can change the range of your two-way radio.  ...

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The most suitable gift for your friends working on a farm on Halloween in 2023

Recommended Halloween gifts for 2023! retevissolutions helps you choose the right Halloween gift for your friends or family. The gifts recommended for you today are perfect for your friends who work on a farm or ranch. The gifts are retevis rb17p, retevis ra86, retevis rt97s and retevis rt97 bundle.  ...

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How to Find GMRS repeaters Around me?

Tell you how to find GMRS repeaters around you so that you can find nearby GMRS repeaters to extend your GMRS radio calling range. For example, retevis rt97s and retevis rt97.  ...

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How much do you know about GMRS repeaters

When we travel to remote areas with limited cell tower coverage or go camping and exploring, we often prefer to use GMRS radios. GMRS repeaters can keep us connected in real time within hundreds of square feet. The RT97 and RT97S of retevissolutions are excellent GMRS repeaters, which can extend the call distance and realize long-distance operation. Farms, off-road, large supermarkets, and real estate are all very suitable.  ...

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