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Compare Retevis RT29 vs Retevis RT81

Retevis RT29 and Retevis T81 are two high-power walkie talkies with very good sales at Reveissolutions. Our article will analyze the similarities and differences between RT29 and RT81 in terms of their waterproof performance, coverage, battery capacity, and frequency.  ...

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FAQ For Retevis RT29 Long Range Walkie Talkie

Frequently asked questions For Retevis RT29 long range handheld walkie talkie, help you get answers to your questions about the power, functionality, usage, etc. of the Retevis RT29 handheld walkie talkie.  ...

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How to use RT97 to extend the calling distance of RT29

The retevis RT29 is a high power long range two way radio. But when the RT29 call distance cannot meet your needs, we need to use the RT97 repeater to extend the distance. Today’s article explains how to use RT97 to extend the calling distance of RT29.  ...

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Excellent performance of RT29 in agricultural scene

Retevis RT29 is one of the best selling single high power walkie talkie on our retevissolutions website, it is often found in the farm and construction industry. It has won everyone's love with its own performance and super high cost performance. This blog post will explore how the RT29's high power, long range and 3200mAh battery features can help in farming.  ...

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A long-distance walkie-talkie perfect for farms! -Orange RT29 UHF Radio

The retevis orange rt29 10w two way radio is a long distance radio suitable for use on the farm. Our friend Brian showed us its long range, easy to find, and rugged qualities.  ...

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The best gift for farmers on Thanksgiving Day 2023——retevis radio!

On Thanksgiving 2023, retevissolutions helps you pick out three gifts for farmers. It includes both repeaters, mobile radios and handheld two way radios, and the prices are very favorable! They are RT97 GMRS repeater, ra86 20w mobile radio and orange RT29 uhf 10w radio.  ...

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How to choose the right one for you among retevis high-power walkie-talkies?

High-power walkie-talkies are generally used in major agriculture, industry, forestry, property buildings and hotel services, etc. This type has higher requirements for the communication distance and call quality of the walkie-talkie. There are many high-power walkie-talkies in retevis, we can choose the right walkie-talkie based on transmission distance, call clarity, durability and price factors.  ...

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Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023

Retevissolutions is getting ready for the growing season and the upcoming massive harvest! Retevissolutions GMRS radio mid-year promotion! All items are discounted! The lowest price of the year, a rare opportunity, don't miss it! RT29, NR30, RB86 and RT97 are very suitable intercom and mobile radio for farm use.  ...

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Why are radios used on farms?

There are more and more people applying radio to agriculture and animal husbandry. Their convenience, large coverage, instant communication, high cost performance and robustness make them indispensable tools in farming or livestock farming. It has a great impact on instant communication and efficiency improvement.The retevis radio is also a very good choice among radios.For example: retevis rb26, retevis rt29 and retevis RT9000D.  ...

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2023 Top 3 Two Way Radios for Farm Use

Two way radios are the ideal communication tool for farm communication. Helps increase farm productivity and ensure safety. Retevis Solutions has compiled the 3 best two-way radios for farm use and hopes to help you make the right choice. In 2023, three radios that are easy to use on farms are retevis RA86, retevis RB75, and retevis RT29.  ...

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