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A long-distance walkie-talkie perfect for farms! -Orange RT29 UHF Radio

The retevis orange rt29 10w two way radio is a long distance radio suitable for use on the farm. Our friend Brian showed us its long range, easy to find, and rugged qualities.  ...

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The best gift for farmers on Thanksgiving Day 2023——retevis radio!

On Thanksgiving 2023, retevissolutions helps you pick out three gifts for farmers. It includes both repeaters, mobile radios and handheld two way radios, and the prices are very favorable! They are RT97 GMRS repeater, ra86 20w mobile radio and orange RT29 uhf 10w radio.  ...

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How to program RB89 GMRS bluetooth two way radio?

When you have a retevis RB89 5w gmrs Bluetooth radio, but you don't know how to program it, you can refer to today's article for programming. RB89 gmrs two way radio paired with Bluetooth can liberate both hands. The figure of RB89 often appears on small farms, security teams, and summer camp activities.  ...

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The application of RT97 and RB19P in vegetable farms

Our friend Eric shared with us his experience using RT97 gmrs repeaters and a six-pack of RB19P in his vegetable farm. The RT97 gmrs repeater and RB19P GMRS two way radio helped Eric's vegetable farm solve communication problems, ensure the normal operation of daily work, improve work efficiency, and reduce the cost of maintaining communication among workers.  ...

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2023 Christmas gifts – Three Long-Range Walkie-Talkies that you can’t miss!

During the Christmas promotion period, I would like to recommend 3 long-distance walkie-talkies that are very suitable as gifts. A 10w walkie-talkie can reach about 5km in urban areas (analog signals will be interrupted, and digital signals will be relatively stable.) In wide areas, it can reach 5km-8km. They are RA89, RT29D, HD1.  ...

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National Farmers Day – Promotions continue!

October 12th is National Farmers Day in the United States, an annual event that honors the workers who provide food and supplies to the country. The contributions of these workers include providing a safe, sustainable and secure food supply, as well as providing employment opportunities and stimulating the rural economy. retevissolutions discount promotion! Support farmers, support agricultural development! All products are discounted.  ...

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