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Gear Up With Retevis RB89 Bluetooth GMRS for Hunting Season

The Retevis RB89 Bluetooth GMRS two Way Radio lets you keep quiet and get clear, long-range calls while hunting. Keep communicating with your partners and share the fun of hunting. The voice of your classmates can be heard through the Bluetooth headset, which will not disturb the external environment, allowing you to keep quiet and not disturb the prey while listening to the call.  ...

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How to program RB89 GMRS bluetooth two way radio?

When you have a retevis RB89 5w gmrs Bluetooth radio, but you don't know how to program it, you can refer to today's article for programming. RB89 gmrs two way radio paired with Bluetooth can liberate both hands. The figure of RB89 often appears on small farms, security teams, and summer camp activities.  ...

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Retevis launched Bluetooth GMRS Two Way Radio

Retevis is excited to announce the launch of its new Bluetooth Handheld GMRS two way radio, Retevis RB89 GMRS two way radio with Bluetooth headset, The new Bluetooth GMRS two way radio set allows you to be quiet while hunting and get long-distance communication.  ...

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