The Importance of NOAA to Agriculture
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The Importance of NOAA to Agriculture

The Importance of NOAA to Agriculture

Good weather can lead to good harvests, Farm productivity is affected by a range of environmental factors, including climate change and extreme events such as droughts, floods and storms.

For farmers, knowing weather changes in advance is crucial to agricultural production.

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) offers relevant climate and weather data, products, and services from NOAA satellite, radar, and in situ observing systems that allow farmers to optimize operations and manage environmental risks.

NCEI’s data-driven products and information help farmers make informed and economically optimal decisions and have billions of dollars of impact on the U.S. economy and federal aid allocation.


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As the trend of global warming continues to intensify, various extreme disastrous weather events such as drought, flood, hail, and frost occur frequently, causing more and more serious damage to agricultural production. role is becoming more pronounced. NOAA is the main way for farmers to obtain information on future weather changes, and it can provide data guidance for the smooth development of agricultural production activities. Strengthening the development of weather forecasting and continuously improving noaa's early warning mechanism for agricultural production can fundamentally enhance the ability of agriculture to deal with meteorological disasters, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and promote healthy agricultural production.

sheep on the flooded pastureSheep on the flooded pasture

The Importance of NOAA to Agriculture

1. reduce agricultural losses

NOAA can ensure that farmers take timely measures to prevent adverse weather from harming agricultural production. According to the weather information, farmers can understand the precipitation, temperature, humidity and weather phenomena information in the area, choose the appropriate sowing opening period according to these forecast information, and choose the appropriate climatic conditions in the process of crop planting, facility agriculture and animal husbandry production. farming activities. Promote the healthy and sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry by improving the survival rate of crops. Farmers can weed, fertilize and spray pesticides according to the weather conditions at that time. Especially in summer, due to high rainfall intensity, relatively concentrated precipitation, and large accumulated rainfall, farmers need to pay special attention to weather forecast information to avoid serious field water accumulation due to excessive rainfall, which will affect the normal growth and development of crops. In addition, during the entire growth and development of crops, various types of meteorological disasters such as drought, frost, cold wave, flood, hail, and strong wind may occur, and the hazards to agricultural production are also different. The weather forecast information released by the meteorological department can better remind farmers to adopt scientific and effective methods to reduce the harm of severe weather to agricultural production and ensure high-quality and high-yield crops.

2. Help to establish agricultural production early warning mechanism

NOAA is the main way to build agricultural production early warning mechanism. NOAA uses modern monitoring technology to carry out meteorological monitoring, which can better improve the accuracy of weather forecast, especially the timeliness of disastrous weather forecast and early warning. The early warning information can be transmitted to the farmers in time before the arrival of disastrous weather, so that they can respond effectively at the first time and avoid the damage of meteorological disasters to agricultural production

farmers rush to fertilize before rainFarmers rush to fertilize before rain

3. NOAA can help increase agricultural income

The impact of NOAA on agricultural harvest is determined by the analysis of meteorological monitoring data. At the same time, farmers are guided to choose suitable crops according to the growth characteristics, growth conditions and demand for external conditions of different types of crops, and the best time for farmers to plant crops is guided, which largely avoids farmers from planting unsuitable crops because they do not know the weather conditions, It affects the agricultural harvest and the economic income of farmers.

For farmers, the most important thing is to have tools that can receive NOAA weather information, whether it is FM radio or two way radio. In the face of natural disasters, mobile phones are often not the most reliable tool.

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