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How to choose the right outdoor two way radio

In the use and selection of outdoor radio, we must understand in advance what problems we often encounter and how to solve these problems, so as to ensure that our outdoor activities are safe and interesting  ...

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Mountaineering/ Exploration radio communication solution

Mountaineering radio solution including GPS positioning function, can help understand the location of personnel in real time, ensure the safety of participants in mountaineering, adventure and other activities.  ...

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Marathon radio communication solution

Marathon radio communication solution specifically customize for marathon,based on the research of the marathon, we have developed a professional marathon communication solution to ensure that the marathon can proceed smoothly and safely.  ...

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Latest launch: Super waterproof walkie talkie- RA89

The Retevis RA89 is the latest analog walkie talkie to be launched, featuring IP68 waterproofing, high power, dual band reception, and other features. The RA89's functional features make it very suitable for any scene in life, whether it is farm, off-road, exploration, camping, or commercial, etc! This article will take everyone to understand the characteristics of RA89.  ...

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