Retevis RT97 Long Distance GMRS Radio Bundle for Large farm
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Retevis RT97 Long Distance GMRS Radio Bundle for Large farm

Retevis RT97 Long Distance GMRS Radio Bundle for Large farm

When your farm area is more than 10,000 acres, FRS license-free walkie-talkies will not be able to meet the farm's call needs. At this time, GMRS is undoubtedly the best choice, because compared to FRS radio, GMRS radio can provide you with long calling distance on the farm. now we have lunch a new long distance farm radio communication Bundle - Retevis RT97 Long distance GMRS Radio Bundle for farm use.

What does the Retevis RT97 Long distance GMRS Radio Bundle include?

1pcs Retevis RT97 10W mini compact GMRS repeater-to extend the tallking distance of the GMRS radios.

1pcs Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile radio bundle-for farm tractor communication

2pcs Retevis RB27 GMRS radio-for farm members communication.

1pcs low loss coax cable

1pcs GMRS antenna

Who can use this GMRS radio bundle?

The farm area is between 1,000 acres and 10,000 acres, and the longest farm diagonal distance is greater than 2km and less than 6km. This GMRS radio bundle can be used to solve the farm's radio communication needs.

What are the futures of Retevis RT97 GMRS radio bundle?

1. Retevis RB27 GMRS Handheld radio, NOAA weather alarm functiuon, half keypad GMRS radio easy operate, 5W output power for long talking range, LCD screen for farm use, large LED flashlight for night work, 8 GMRS channels for GMRS repeater connection, make it the best choice for farm members radio communication.


2. Retevis RB86 GMRS mobile radio bundle, with Roll Bar/Mirror Antenna Mounting Bracket, supports you fix the antenna depending on your needs. 20W compact GMRS radio with NOAA function, for farm tractors, trucks, and combines communication; it also compatible with GMRS handheld radios, achieve long calling distance fro the land worker and drivers.

gmrs mobile

3. 10W Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater use to extend the GMRS handheld and mobiles talking range, in normal, the 5W GMRS handheld radio talking range is about 3km, the 20W GMRS mobile radio talking range is about 5-10km, after connect Retevis RT97 GMRS repeaters, the GMRS radios talking range can be multiplied. After use Retevis RT97 repeater, the GMRS radios can meet communication on farms over 10,000 acres.

gmrs repeater

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