Three high-power long-range mobile radios in 2023
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Three high-power long-range mobile radios in 2023

Three high-power long-range mobile radios in 2023

The mobile radios we commonly see in our daily lives are around 20w. Today I would like to recommend three high-power and long-range mobile radios to you.

Three high-power long-range mobile radios in 2023

These three high-power mobile radios are RA87 40W GMRS mobile radio, RT9000D 45W dual-band mobile radio and RT90 50W DMR mobile radio.

The first one: RA87 40W GMRS mobile radio
RA87 is currently the most powerful model among gmrs mobile radios. High power, long range, lightweight design. Suitable for various car models. And two RA87 can form a 40w repeater.
There are 22 gmrs channels, 200 storage and call channels. The LED backlight color can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of different environments. Dual standby and dual-frequency display make observation and reception more convenient.

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RA87 40W long distance GMRS Mobile Radio

Second: RT9000D 45W Dual Band mobile radio
RT9000D is a 45w high power long distance mobile radio. There are three frequency bands to choose from.
RT9000D has 200 channels to communicate with people around you in general. The LCD screen has a blue backlight and clear fonts. The appearance design is simple, with few buttons and easy operation. RT9000D is equipped with a keypad lock function to prevent unwanted changes to frequency or other settings.

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RT9000D Mobile Car Vehicle Radio Transceiver

Third: RT90 50w GPS DMR mobile radio
RT90 is a digital mobile radio with GPS. Suitable for teams that frequently engage in outdoor adventures, off-roading and rescue.
Comes with GPS, TDMA digital capabilities and recording capabilities. Compatible with Mototrbo Tier I and II. Supports both digital and analog modes. There are 3000 channels and 1000 contacts. Powerful.

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RT90 50W Dual Band DMR Mobile Radio(GPS)

The above three mobile radios are ideal choices for many people in high-power, long-distance communications. I don’t know which one you prefer. During Black Friday, all three products are discounted. Buy them with an antenna for an even better discount!

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