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What are the features of Retevis RA85 GMRS walkie talkie?

Retevis RA85 gmrs walkie talkie is Retevis' new gmrs walkie talkie, it has many special features, such as up to 60 gmrs channels to connect multiple repeaters around you, different areas have the same frequency but different tones. , NOAA function, FM function and large screen. Retevis RA85 is the best selling gmrs walkie talkie. Perfect as a Christmas gift in 2023.  ...

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Bring the Retevis GMRS walkie-talkie, Go Camping

A walkie-talkie is an essential outdoor communication tool for camping. A good walkie-talkie can increase the fun of camping and ensure the safety of camping. A professional GMRS walkie-talkie can not only extend the outdoor communication distance of the walkie-talkie, but also make it convenient for users. Retevis Solutions will provide you with professional camping GMRS intercoms. For example: retevis rb26, retevis rb17p, retevis rb76p, retevis rb75  ...

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How to operate the wireless copy function of Retevis RB26 GMRS handheld walkie talkie

Retevis RB26 GMRS walkie talkie is the best selling mini handheld GMRS walkie talkie, with wireless copy function, also called wireless data transmission between walkie-talkies without programming software, which is very easy and convenient, this blog mainly introduces the wireless copy function of Retevis RB26 GMRS walkie talkie.  ...

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Retevis RT76P Handheld GMRS walkie talkie for road trip

RT76P GMRS handheld walkie talkie with Battery Eliminator bundles support GMRS handheld radio charge directly from your car, it is very fit for road trip, the GMRS channel let you connect GMRS repeater during your road trip, NOAA function helps you keep knowing the weather alert, the RT76P gmrs radio with Battery Eliminator is the best choice for the road trip.  ...

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Retevis RT76 GMRS walkie talkie for Farm communication

Retevis RT76 5W simple design easy operate GMRS walkie talkie supply long range, stable, and clear calls for farmers and ranchers, the GMRS walkie talkie with earpiece, and with speaker microphone bundle meet different requirements for farmers and ranchers, supply the best radio solutions for farm and ranch, help farmers improve harvest efficiency and ensure safety.  ...

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Retevis GMRS Walkie Talkie for Farmers' National Preparedness Month

Retevis Solutions have big discount support for the 2022 National Preparedness Month for farms, all farmers can get big benefits for Retevis GMRS walkie talkie by order from Retevis Solutions' official website. Retevis GMRS Walkie Talkie helps farmers during National Preparedness Month.  ...

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Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie for farm stays communication.

Long Range GMRS walkie talkie for farm Stays communications, Retevis RB17P GMRS Walkie Talkie satisfies instant communication between farm stays staff, between staff and visitors, and within visitors, enhancing the fun of farm stays and ensuring safety.  ...

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How to update Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie

Know how to update Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie to the new version step by step, enjoy the feature functions of Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie, and use the new software, to make your use more convenient.  ...

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How to choose the right GMRS walkie-talkie from Retevis Solutions

In Retevis Solutions stores, there are six GMRS handheld walkie talkies. In addition to different appearances, their functions are also different, this blog starts from the functions of Retevis GMRS radio and helps you understand how to choose the GMRS walkie talkie that suits you.  ...

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3 Best GMRS Walkie Talkie for Pasture and Ranches

3 Best GMRS Walkie Talkie for Pasture and Ranches, Retevis RT76, RB17P, and RB75 three different model GMRS walkie talkies with different features, can bring you a long talking range improve Pasture and Ranches communication and working efficiency, and keep outdoor activities safe.  ...

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