New choice for GMRS two way radio: HA1G!
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New choice for GMRS two way radio: HA1G!

New choice for GMRS two way radio: HA1G!

GMRS two way radio has become the ideal choice for many farms, ranches and teams. The operating frequency of GMRS two way radio transmits farther than that of FRS two wat radio.Retevis has recently launched a GMRS TWO WAY RADIO: HA1G. This article introduces the functions of HA1G.

A new choice for GMRS two way radio: HA1G!

Retevis' latest GMRS two way radio: HA1G! Let's take a look at what functions it has together!

1. Many editable channels

HA1G has a total of 250 channels, including 22 GMRS channels, 8 GMRS relay channels and 220 customizable channels.  There is a lot of rooms for you to play. And the full keyboard design allows for modification of HA1G even when there is no program cable outdoors, which is very convenient.

2. Supports full frequency band reception

HA1G supports UHF-VHF full band reception. It covers a very wide frequency range and allows users to access various radio signals. This versatility ensures that HA1G achieves comprehensive communication coverage. It is the ideal two-way radio for amateur enthusiasts.

retevis ha1g dual band radio

3. Large battery+TYPE-C charging

HA1G has a 2800mAh battery that does not require frequent charging and has a long service life. And it supports TYPE-C charging, making charging more convenient! No longer need to worry about how to charge when camping outdoors or exploring off-road.

retevios ha1g support type-c charging

4.N0AA weather warning

HA1G comes with 12 NOAA channels, making it easy to get the latest weather information and adjust plans in time. That makes the HA1G not only a favorite among outdoor adventurers, but also an ideal choice for farm and ranch workers.

5. IP67 waterproof and dustproof

HA1G IP67 waterproof amateur radio can be used normally in humid and dusty environments. Support soaking in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes without worrying about falling into the water. Suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

retevis ha1g ip67 waterproof radio

In summary, we can find that the Retevis HA1G GMRS bidirectional radio is very suitable for use on farms, ranches, exploration, mountaineering, off-road, camping, and other occasions.

retevis ha1g gmrs two way radio

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