Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna
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Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna

Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna

Super sturdy GMRS anti-collision fiberglass antenna. Suitable for various mobile radios. For example, Retevis RA25, RB86, RA86, RA87, etc.

Retevis MR300 GMRS sturdy fiberglass antenna

What are the advantages of MR300 anti-collision fiberglass antennas that can be applied in different scenarios when paired with vehicle platforms? Let's learn together through today's article!

Firstly, high gain and long propagation distance

MR300 is a 50w 6.5 dBi fiberglass antenna. The typical antenna is 2 dBi or 3.5 dBi. The gain of MR300 is almost twice that of other antennas, and the propagation effect it brings is also higher than that of other vehicle antennas.

Secondly, the installation is simple

Powered by RG58-A/U coaxial cable with FME connector, it can easily pass through bumper mounting holes, vehicle firewall, or roof lining. And compared to traditional metal antennas, fiberglass antennas are more lightweight, easy to install and maintain.

mr300 is easy to install

Thirdly, it is sturdy and durable, with a long lifespan

The MR300 antenna has a very sturdy base spring and is designed to be installed on sturdy brackets, such as metal front bumpers/cows, to minimize damage and damage to the antenna caused by vibration. Its shell is made of high-quality fiberglass, so its wear resistance is several times that of traditional metal antennas. It can be used on high-speed vehicles and aircraft without being damaged by vibration. Fiberglass antennas can also withstand extreme environments of high and low temperatures, making them very suitable for use in polar, desert, plateau, and other environments.

mr300 spring base

The MR300 high gain fiberglass antenna is generally used in environments with long communication distances, small signal coverage, and high target density. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, light volume, convenient installation, and can balance gain and radiation area. It is the ideal choice for off-road athletes and outdoor travel friends!MR300 high gain GMRS antenna

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MR300 50w Anti-collision FRP Vehicle Antenna

There is also the same discount as the combination of RA86 and RA87!

RA87 40W GMRS mobile radio with MR300 

ra87 with mr300

RA86 NOAA GMRS Mobile Radio with MR300 50w Antenna Bundle

RA86 NOAA GMRS Mobile Radio with MR300 50w Antenna Bundle

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