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How to apply for a GMRS license?

Before useing GMRS radio, a GMRS license is requirement, if you know know how to get GMRS license, here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a GMRS license and call sign from the FCC official website, for more help, you can also contact  ...

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2022 New GMRS License Fee-Great News for Everyone!!!

The GMRS License fee will now be $35 instead of $70, the change will take effect on April 19, 2022, by FCC's notice. Get the best GMRS radios from Retevis Solutions, enjoy the best price.  ...

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Frequently Asked Questions about GMRS Radio. This article helps you learn more about what GMRS is, the use of GMRS, GMRS power, GMRS license, GMRS call range, etc. Everything you want to know about GMRS is here. retevissolutions mainly sells GMRS two way radio.  ...

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GMRS Radio: The Best Way to Communicate Farming in Your Farm and Ranch?

A look at General Mobile Radio Service two-way radio from the farmer's perspective. Let you know more about GMRS so that you can choose the right two way radio for your farm use.  ...

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