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Tuned Retevis RT97 Repeater to Other Frequency by a replacement duplexer

By replacing the duplexer, the Retevis RT97 repeater can operate at the new frequency. You can find original replacement duplexers for your duplexer from Retevis Solutions  ...

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How to prevent lightning when RT97 repeater is built

Lightning protection measures are a key point of the wireless radio solutions. This article introduces three lightning protection methods that can help you make a choice.  ...

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RT97 and motorcycle combination solutions for outdoor Riding

RT97 and motorcycle combination solutions is a very simple and easy to install radio solution, it can make your radio solution more portable and more user-friendly.  ...

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Why use a repeater in radio solutions?

In radio solutions, we often see the addition of repeaters. Why do we often use repeaters in radio solutions? What role does repeater play in radio solutions?  ...

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Car radio solution system from retevis radio solutions

Car radio solution system very cleverly catches the car’s cigarette lighter system to supply power to the relay, making the entire radio solution more stable under the condition of car power supply.  ...

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Zhengzhou National Wetland Park of Yellow River Private network communication solution

Retevis RT97 Repeater Small Business Application: Zhengzhou National Wetland Park of Yellow River Private network communication solution. This is a use case for RT97 Repeater. It mainly solves the problem of timely voice communication in the park.  ...

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