Is GMRS Repeaters must capable to transmit a call sign?
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Is GMRS Repeaters must capable to transmit a call sign?

Is GMRS Repeaters must capable to transmit a call sign?

When some customers consult with us about the Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater, they often ask questions about the call sign. They say that In the US the station must transmit a station ID (call sign) every 30 minutes. They want to know if RT97 can transmit a call sign.

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Do GMRS Repeaters need to transmit a call sign?

Whether the GMRS repeater needs to have the function of transmit call sign depends on the purpose of the GMRS repeater, the repeater does not need to auto ID if it's intended for use as a private or closed repeater system.

According to the FCC rules under § 95.1751 GMRS station identification, "Each GMRS station must be identified by transmission of its FCC-assigned call sign at the end of transmissions and at periodic intervals during transmissions except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section. A unit number may be included after the call sign in the identification."

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However, there are scenarios in which an auto ID isn't necessary at all. According to subpart (c) under the same section:

(c) Any GMRS repeater station is not required to transmit station identification if:
(1) It retransmits only communications from GMRS stations operating under the authority of the individual license under which it operates; and,
(2) The GMRS stations whose communications are retransmitted are properly identified in accordance with this section.

In layman's terms, if you buy a GMRS repeater for personal or closed system use, then you don't need to buy a GMRS repeater with an automatic transmit call sign function.

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For example, a GMRS repeater for family farms, family ranches, or ordinary households, since the GMRS license covers the entire family, the repeater does not have its own call sign. Repeaters are also identified by this family license. Each family member using the repeater provides the callsign and their station ID through the repeater every fifteen minutes, which is enough for the repeater ID

The automatic repeater ID feature is only required if repeaters are also being used by people other than those covered by your GMRS license.

Last, let's go back to the original question, Retevis RT97 GMRS Repeater isn't capable of transmitting a station ID (call sign), but if for personal, family farm and family ranch, or closed repeater system, it is ok.

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