The Best Radio Repeater for Family Farms
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The Best Radio Repeater for Family Farms

The Best Radio Repeater for Family Farms

Family farms usually use the license-free FRS two way radio and licensed GMRS two way radio to meet the farm's radio calls, and to get in touch with each other during the planting season, harvest season and the daily management of the farm, improving the communication and work efficiency of the farm. At the same time, keep safe.

two way radio fro farm useuse retevis rt76 gmrs two way radio on the farm

When family farms use FRS two way radio and GMRS two way radio, the distance is limited due to the power limitation of these two two way radios, and often encounter situations where the call distance cannot meet the demand, and the call is not clear and unstable when encountering this kind of problem, the most cost-effective solution is to add a repeater for the two way radio on the family farm.

However, there are many repeaters on the market, with various price points and different functions, so which one is the most suitable for family farms?

The Best Radio Repeater for Family Farms

Retevis RT97 Repeater bundle, with a 10W duplexer, can easily double the call distance of the two way radio you are using now on the family farms. At the same time, with high gain antenna and low loss cable, it will take your family farm two way radio call distance to a new level.

repeater for family farm uselocate retevis rt97 repeater antenna on the family farm

Another reason for recommending retevis rt97 repeater for family farm is that it is the most cost-effective repeater system. For family farms, it can achieve the best results with the least budget. At present, the limited-time discount price of Retevis RT97 repeater is only US$335. This is the most cost-effective repeater suitable for family farms on the market, and it is also the one with the best feedback.

What can Retevis RT97 repeaters do for two way radios on the family farm?

The Retevis RT97 repeater on the family farm mainly serves two way radio communication on the family farm. After using the Retevis RT97 repeater, lots of positive changes came to the family farm two way radios.

Call distance becomes longer, double or even further

After actual testing, the call distance of FRS license free two way radio on the farm is usually about 1.5-3 miles, while the call distance of GMRS two way radios on the farm is 3-5 miles. After using Retevis RT97 repeater, the call distance of gmrs handheld two way radio can reach 8-15 miles. Retevis RT97 repeater can greatly extend the call distance of the existing two way radios on the family farm.

repeater for family farm useUse retevis rt97 repeater to make farm two way radio calling distance become longer

The Signal dead zone disappears

Because of the irregular terrain of the family farm, when using the radio to communicate on the farm, you often encounter signal blind spots, your radios will not receive the signal, or the signal is intermittent. After using Retevis RT97 Repeater, the problem of signal blind spots in the family farm can be fundamentally solved. You can get a clear and strong radio signal anywhere on the family farms. Retevis RT97 repeater will keep your two way radios on the farm online all the time.

repeater for farm usefixed retevis rt97 repeater on the farm house

Family farm calls are more stable

Clear and stable calls can greatly improve the work efficiency of the family farm and ensure safety when necessary. The Retevis RT97 repeater can make the family farm's two way radio conversation more stable and weaken the interference received by the family farm radios, such as the interference of the houses and silos of the family farm on the transmission of radio signals. After the Retevis RT97 repeater strengthens the radios signal of the family farm, you can continue to obtain stable radio communication on the whole family farm.

Retevis RT97 repeater have three versions now, GMRS version, also the best selling version, which very fit for family farm use for GMRS frequency settings, the UHF, and customize version, you can shop depending on the two way radio frequencys you are using now, if you know nothing about this, can contact us for help:, we wlil help you choose the right version.

Shop Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater Bundle:

repeater for family farm

Retevis Solutions is committed to providing the best radio communication for family farms, you can get a complete set of Retevis RT97 Repeater Bundle from the Retevis Solutions website, which includes high-gain antennas and low loss coax cables, and you can use them to directly assemble the exclusive repeater system for family farms, no other accessories are required.

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