Long Distance GMRS radio solution set used in Large Farm
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Long Distance GMRS radio solution set used in Large Farm

Long Distance GMRS radio solution set used in Large Farm

When working on a farm, people are scattered across many acres of land, and cell phone coverage is not always reliable. Whether it is a farmer, running a combine harvester and grain carts, cleaning a grain bin, or talking every day, communication is required, and gmrs radio solution set is the best choice.

Traditionally, farmers either used CB or low-power FRS radios with limited range and poor voice quality, or used expensive commercial radios, and users had to rent or purchase their radios many times.

The Retevis Long Distance GMRS radio solution set ensures that communication does not rely on services and signals like mobile phones. In fact, they work better in rural areas where buildings are unobstructed. Different from mobile phones, they are reasonably priced and do not require additional fees (you only need $35 for all applicants), so they can be scattered throughout the farm, using handheld radios to clip them to the belt, and at the same time in tractors, trucks, etc. Off-road vehicles use terminals and carts, and repeaters are used in large farms, barns, farmhouses, and rest areas to ensure that they are always connected.

Retevis Long Distance GMRS radio solution set:

Retevis Long Distance GMRS radio solution set

Retevis Long Distance GMRS radio solution set solves the main major communication problems of the farm:

Farm communication between the field manager and the operator

Combined operations, such as harvesting scenes, one harvester, one tractor tow three buckets, and the next one is replaced when it is full. Then there are trucks nearby to receive them, and the trucks can directly pull the bucket away; the harvester and the tractor work in parallel, they can use Retevis RB27 GMRS walkie talkie or Retevis RA25 mobile GMRS radio;

Plain planting farms have a demand for communication, and the environment in which they are located is actually very suitable for communication. Because there is no blocking and interference from electronic signals, the equipped products require high-gain antennas, which can basically be met by ordinary antennas; like Retevis MR100 Antenna

High gain MR100 antennaHigh gain MR100 antenna

Animal husbandry and forestry irrigation are in the mountainous area, and the signal is blocked, while the agricultural area is concentrated in the western mountainous area. It may not be completely satisfied by relying solely on vehicles and terminals. It requires a longer-distance communication solution;

In the entire agricultural activities, the farm manager will complete work assignments, scheduling, supervision, etc., running back and forth in the office or driving. In fact, he only needs carts or terminals, but if the management of large or multiple farms, he needs to cross different Regional repeater
Establish a continuous, clear, and important communication channel. Communicating in real-time is an excellent way to increase productivity and relieve the pressure of yelling to convey information.

Farm: outdoor communication with family members

Farmers go far away and usually need to drive long distances. American farms are empty and sparsely populated. In small farms, most of them are family units. They are all highly educated, and they also have their own tool house and farm machine room. They have different roles such as farmers, machine repairers, and businesses; sometimes they need to drive a work truck to fertilize, spray, harvest, etc., because they are at a certain distance from the house, and the mobile phone signal of the farm itself is not very good, so they need to rely on the truck and Terminal communication, but their communication is not entirely used for work communication. The applications of this group of people are largely emergency equipment, and they need to keep in touch and talk with their family members at all times; so the Retevis RB27 handheld gmrs walkie talkie also the best choice, it also have NOAA function, can help you get the first weather alert information.

RB27 NOAA GMRS walkie talkieRB27 NOAA GMRS walkie talkie

Use for the communications of agricultural machinery such as tractors

Drivers of working machinery usually need to maintain communication with the outside. Retevis RA25 mobile gmrs radio can meet the daily communication between large agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters.

RA25 20W mobile gmrs radioRA25 20W mobile gmrs radio

Long-distance communication:

The average size of American farms is 433.6 acres, the large scale is more than 2,000 acres, and the communication distance must reach 6-10km. When they cross between towns and farms, they need at least dozens of kilometers of communication. At this time, they also need to use different areas. At this time, it is also necessary to use relays in different areas to achieve communications. Retevis RT97 GMRS  repeater can make the total radio solution set calling distance reach up to 12KM, which can easily meet the communication needs of medium and large farms.

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Retevis long distance gmrs radio solution set

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