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How to download program software and firmware from Retevis Solutions?

How to download program software and firmware from Retevis Solutions?

As more and more customers place orders from the official website of Retevis Solutions, we recently received feedback from several customers who did not know how to obtain programming software or firmware, so we organized this article. It describes in detail how to download the programming software and firmware from the Retevis Solutions website. Of course, there are also the brochure, manual, setup, and many other open resources you need.

Retevis Solutions official website, radio software download path

Enter → enter the model to be downloaded in the search bar → open the listing link → click the Download module below → find the corresponding resource, and click to download.

Youtube Link:

Let’s take Retevis RT76P GMRS walkie talkie as an example. First, enter the Retevis Solutions official website

Retevis solutions official website

Enter the "RT76P" model in the search bar(If you know the SKU of the radio, can also enter the SKU, like RT76P SKU is A9180B), and click Seach

Search RT76P model

Enter the search results page. On the search results page, all the combination package advertisements related to RT76P will be displayed. Click the original advertisement of RT76P. Please note that the resource page of the combination advertisement is blank. You must find the original advertisement.

Retevis Solutions-RT76P gmrs walkie talkie search result

Click the Download module below

Retevis Solutions-RT76P software and firmware

Find the corresponding resource, and click to download.

download the RT76P firmware from retevissolutions

It should be noted that if you are prompted that there is a virus when you are downloading, please turn off your computer's anti-virus software and try again, or contact us:, we will send the resources to you via email.

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