FAQ For Retevis RT97P DMR Repeater
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FAQ For Retevis RT97P DMR Repeater

FAQ For Retevis RT97P DMR Repeater

Retevis RT97P DMR Repeater is a mini compact digital repeater, it can be used as a full-duplex base station, designed to expand the transmission range of walkie talkies and mobile radios, greatly improving your communication capabilities.

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This blog Sort out the common problems and solutions of Retevis RT97P DMR Repeater, Hope it can help you solve the problems encountered in use, and also help you to know more about Retevis RT97P DMR Repeater before buying.

FAQ for Retevis RT97P DMR repeater

Q: Can I customize 50W for this RT97P DMR Repeater?

A: Sorry, because of the settings of the repeater itself, it can only be 10W.

Q: Can RT97P DMR Repeater frequency difference(offset) be set within 5Mhz?

A: No, RT97P DMR Repeater frequency difference is 5-12Mhz, can't be set within 5Mhz.

Q: Are the antenna and cable used for RT97P the same as for the RT97 repeater?

A: Yes, RT97P DMR repeater and RT97 repeater compatible antenna and cable are the same.

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Q: What does FM/DMR mean?

A: FM/DMR means is that both analog and digital can be transferred.

Q: My RT97P originally selected time slot 1, but when I press the radio, it will change to time slot 2. What can I do for it?

A: RT97P DMR Repeater itself has no time slot selection, this should be the setting of the radio, please check your radio setting.

Q: Can RT97P repeaters use digital and analog radios at the same time? for example, repeater frequency UHF: TX 463.3125MHz / RX 453.3125MHz.

A: The analog walkie-talkie can communicate with the channel in the analog mode in the digital walkie-talkie, adjust the digital radio to the analog mode, and modulate the transmitting frequency and the receiving frequency of the two walkie-talkies to correspond to the repeater.

The transmission of the walkie-talkie is equal to the reception of the repeater, and the reception of the radio is equal to the transmission of the repeater. Both walkie-talkies need to be set in this way, that is to say, the objects that the radios needs to connect directly (whether it is a walkie-talkie or a repeater) meet the reception and transmission correspondence, and the same is true for sub-audio.
RT97P DMR repeater supports analog mode and digital mode on the same channel

Q: Can RT97P Repeaters be connected to MMDVM hotspot field radios?

A: No.

Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem (English: MMDVM, Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem) is a kind of radio signal for amateur radio amateurs to send multiple digital modes of radio signals through the network for mutual communication, wireless communication technology experiments, self-training, personal entertainment, radio sports, competition and emergency communications electronic equipment.
The multi-mode digital voice modem was designed by British radio amateur Jonathan Naylor (G4KLX) and runs on a Raspbian based pi-star system made by him.

Q: When I program, the system prompts me to enter a password? What is the password?

A: Please try 288288 or 081828.

compact repeater

Q: Can the same channel transfer analog and digital at the same time?

A: No, The same channel can transfer analog and digital signals. If analog and digital signals are transmitted at the same time, it will transfer the first one, RT97P DMR Repeater cannot transfer two at the same time.

Q: In analog mode, the repeater has no delay when releasing the TX (it has no queue), is it possible to set the delay?

A: No.

Q: Is it UHF? What are the requirements for the frequency program?

A: Same as Retevis RT97 repeater, we suggest you program frequency at 200Khz above and below your customized center frequency. This effect will be the best.

Q: Does the repeater increases only the signal of the communication or the signal of all the related functions of the walkie-talkie?

A: When the walkie-talkie connected to the repeater. When the walkie-talkie is transmitting, it depends on the power and coverage of the walkie-talkie. When the repeater is forwarding, it depends on the coverage of the repeater.

Q: Does RT97P DMR repeater support the DMR Tier II protocol?

A: Yes.

Q: Can RT97P DMR repeater send Morse code?

A: No.

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If you have any questions about Retevis RT97p DMR repeater or need any help, please comment below or contact us: info@retevissolutions.com. The FAQ of each model is continuously updated based on customer feedback. Welcome to subscribe to Retevis Solutions for the latest information.

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