Concert radio communication solution

Concert radio communication solution with the mobile repeater Retevis RT97 as the core,the multi-access power supply is combined to create a mobile relay system. Use it with the exempted GMRS walkie-talkie,can be used in concerts,music festivals/competitions,exams,large conferences,business events,etc.  ...

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Marathon radio communication solution

Marathon radio communication solution specifically customize for marathon,based on the research of the marathon, we have developed a professional marathon communication solution to ensure that the marathon can proceed smoothly and safely.  ...

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 Marathon radio communication,  Marathon radio,  Long range radio,  outdoor radio

Efficient restaurant radio solution

restaurant radio solution is specially designed for restaurants. It has the advantages of waterproof, rugged, good sound quality, long running time, safe and reliable, and can meet the high-frequency and high-efficiency work needs of restaurants  ...

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 restaurant radio solution,  commercial radio solution,  Efficient radio solution

Patrol radio solution for property security

The patrol radio solution is upgraded from the radio, and the patrol function is added on the basis of the radio, so that the walkie talkie can not only meet the needs of communication, but also meet the patrol. Suitable for security, property, hotel ,school and others with patrol needs.  ...

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Outdoor xtreme paintball Dedicated Radio Communication Solution

Outdoor xtreme paintball Dedicated Radio Communication Solution with very strong scene characteristics, it can meet CS, outdoor survival training, military training, etc., not close to meet the communication needs of activities, and further improve the safety and comfort of use.  ...

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 paintball Dedicated Radio,  Radio Communication solution,  Outdoor xtreme paintball Dedicated Radio Communication solution

Mountaineering/ Exploration radio communication solution

Mountaineering radio solution including GPS positioning function, can help understand the location of personnel in real time, ensure the safety of participants in mountaineering, adventure and other activities.  ...

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 Mountaineering radio solution,  outdoor radio solution,  GPS radio

Patrol radio solution System using introduction

Patrol radio solution System not only have the function of walkie-talkie, but also has the function of patrol, it can meet the needs of patrol while meeting the needs of communication.  ...

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 Patrol radio solution System,  Security radio

What is maritime/maritime police emergency communication solution?

Maritime/maritime police emergency communication can achieve the effect of improving the level of automation and informationization of the on-site monitoring images of the Maritime Safety Administration, establishing a set of maritime emergency communication system, and realizing the front-end visual monitoring function and remote video scheduling function.  ...

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 police emergency communication solution,  Marine Police Emergency Communications,  Maritime Emergency Communication,  Shipborne communication equipment

Lightning protection measures for wireless radio communication solution

lightning protection measures is an important device often used in communications to prevent lightning damage. It is used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage during lightning strikes. In the communication scheme, the role of lightning arresters cannot be ignored.  ...

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 wireless radio communication,  lightning protection measures,  wireless radio communication solution lightning protection measures

Why are "modulation" and "mediation" required in radio communications? What are their respective roles?

Radio communication is a communication method that modulates electrical signals such as sound, text, data, and images that need to be transmitted on the radio wave to the other party through space and ground, and uses wireless electromagnetic waves to transmit information in space. "Modulation" and "mediation" are essential steps. This article details the reasons for "modulation" and "mediation" in radio communications and their respective roles.  ...

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 Demodulation,  modulation,  radio communications