What are advantages of the Retevis RT70 POC Network radio?

Retevis RT70 Radio is the best selling POC radio,have many advantages can fit for many indusries use.  ...

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 retevis RT70,  POC,  POC Radio

Advantages of using digital walkie-talkies in Supermarket

Digital walkie-talkies are used in large supermarkets to ensure that the loss prevention, cash register, receipt, floor management, and cleaning of supermarkets can communicate at any time and at any time in the supermarkets, thereby improving the work efficiency of supermarket employees  ...

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 Digital walkie-talkies,  DMR,  walkie talkie

Single frequency digital radio solution for Tunnel construction

Single frequency digital radio solution uses DMR TDMA signaling, only 1 frequency point is needed to establish a repeater system, which further improves the saving of frequency resources and is very suitable for tunnel construction.  ...

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 single frequency repeater,  Retevis RT74,  Retevis RT54

Retevis RT73 DMR digital Mobile Radio Application in Fleet Travel

Retevis RT73 DMR Digital mobile radio with GPS function is the best choice for outdoor fleet travel.  ...

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 Retevis RT73,  digital mobile radio,  outdoor mobile radio

GMRS Radio Solutions Application in Community Communication

Retevis GMRS radio solution set can meet the communication needs of community activities, as well as the needs of radio communication between communities.  ...

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 Retevis RT76,  GMRS repeater,  Retevis RT97,  GMRS radio solution

What is the features of DMR digital radio?

DMR digital mobile radio have many features help our work more security and efficiency, and it have been widely use in many industries like security, transportation, hotel, logistics, etc.  ...

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 DMR,  Digital radio,  analog radio,  dmr radio features

How to judge whether your digital walkie-talkie can communicate with Motorola MOTOTRBO?

By checking the standard used by the Retevis digital walkie-talkie, you can judge whether our retevis walkie-talkie can communicate with the Motorola walkie-talkie you are currently using.  ...

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 MOTOTRBO,  DMR digital walkie-talkie,  digital radio,  MOTOTRBO Tire I,  MOTOTRBO Tier II

Marine radio solutions for fishing fleet

Retevis RA26 is a professional marine radio for fishing fleet, VHF 88 Channels 5W IP67 Floats Flashes handheld two way radio.  ...

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 Marine Radio,  handheld marine radio,  Retevis RA26,  fishing fleet radio

Digital Radio solution for Chain store

Retevis 900MHZ walkie-talkie is a strictly digital license free walkie-talkie, by adding 900Mhz to the radio solution, apply to chain stores.  ...

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 digital radio solution,  license free digital radio,  license free DMR radio,  radio solution

902-928MHz Band license-free two way radio regulations explain

Retevis' digital license free radio that meets the legal requirements will coming soon, Regarding the regulations, all you want to know are here.  ...

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 902-908 MHz,  Digital modulation,  FCC certification standards