Rugged and utilitarian radio for Harvest-Retevis RT76

Retevis RT76 is a licensed GMRS radio with a rugged and utilitarian design, long talking distance, very fit for harvest work, can greatly help improve the efficiency of harvest work.  ...

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 Retevis RT76,  Harvest radio,  Retevis RT97,  GMRS Radio

Super Mini DMR mobile radio-Retevis RT73

Retevis RT73 is the best selling mini DMR Mobile radio, with supermini appearance design, super full functions, very suitable for hams and outdoor tourism activities.  ...

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 Retevis RT73,  DMR mobile radio,  mini mobile radio,  Retevis RT90

Professional Marine radio fiberglass antenna-Retevis MA06

Retevis MA06 is a professional Marine radio fiberglass antenna, easy disassembly, and assembly, and convenient use, very fit for marine radio transceiver.  ...

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 Retevis MA06,  Professional marine radio antenna,  fiberglass antenna

What is the use of the walkie talkie long antenna?

The long antenna can help the walkie-talkie to transmit better signals and obtain better communication effects.  ...

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 walkie talkie,  long antenna,  radio long antenna,  the cellular phone

What is the feature of Retevis RT78 and RT99 bluetooth radio?

Retevis RT78 handheld bluetooth radio and Retevis RT99 mobile bluetooth radio can be used for transportation scheduling, taxis and other industries. They are support mobile phone App programming, Bluetooth function, and no call distance limitation.  ...

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 Bluetooth radio,  bluetooth two way radio,  retevis RT78,  retevis RT99

Equip your miners with professional safety walkie-talkies-Retevis RA16 helmet walkie-talkie

The Retevis RA16 helmet walkie-talkie can replace traditional helmets, and has the dual function of protecting workers' safety and satisfying workers' communication.  ...

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 helmet walkie-talkie,  Retevis RA16,  safety walkie-talkies

What is the difference between private network walkie-talkie and public network walkie-talkie?

Learn the difference between private network walkie-talkies and public network walkie-talkies will help us choose the right radio solutions.  ...

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 private network walkie-talkies,  public network walkie-talkies,  Wireless walkie-talkies

How to set all call for Retevis RT40

Retevis RT40 is a license free digital walkie talkie with all call functions, you can use all call functions to broadcast the message to everyone.  ...

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 retevis RT40,  radio all call function,  all call

What is the difference between Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR600

Retevis RT10 is a more people-friendly 902-928Mhz license free DMR digital radio, it has a cheaper price than Motorola DTR600 and is more suitable for commercial use.  ...

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 Retevis RT10,  Motorola DTR600,  License free DMR digital radio

902-928MHz license free digital radio-Retevis RT10 is coming!!!

Retevis RT10 license free DMR digital two way radio is 902-928MHZ, can be use in in warehouse, supermarkets, docks, shopping malls, hotels,rtc.  ...

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 Retevis RT10,  license free DMR radio,  license free DMR walkie talkie