Patrol radio solution for property security

The patrol radio solution is upgraded from the radio, and the patrol function is added on the basis of the radio, so that the walkie talkie can not only meet the needs of communication, but also meet the patrol. Suitable for security, property, hotel ,school and others with patrol needs.  ...

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What factors affect the radio distance

There are many factors that affect the call distance of the walkie talkie, such as power, antenna, use environment, etc., which will affect the call distance of the walkie talkie. This paper introduces the factors that affect the call distance of the walkie talkie and the precautions for the use of the walkie talkie in detail.  ...

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What is the difference between WCDMA Network Radio and traditional walkie talkie

WCDMA Network radio can use phone network, no talking distance limit, which can meet many needs for long distance talking, it is widely used in aviation ports, traffic police, city management, public security systems, logistics and distribution, taxi and other industries.  ...

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Zello-The bridge between walkie talkie and mobile phone

The compatibility of ZELLO solves the problem of communication between WCDMA walkie talkie and mobile phone, making the use of walkie talkie more convenient and more economical  ...

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How to increase the talk distance of two way radio

Six way to introduce how to increase the talk distance of the radio and the precautions in the use of the radio to maximize the performance of the radio  ...

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Application and addition of NOAA module

NOAA is just a small function, although in daily use, we often ignore it, but in an emergency, we have to have it  ...

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construction industry Radio Outstanding advantages

construction industry Radio solutions outstanding advantage is the using of handheld radio with detachable and washable dust-proof structure speaker,this can solve the embarrassment of long using walkie talkie speaker covered by dust for a long time due to the heavy dust on the construction site.  ...

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Patrol radio solution System using introduction

Patrol radio solution System not only have the function of walkie-talkie, but also has the function of patrol, it can meet the needs of patrol while meeting the needs of communication.  ...

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 Patrol radio solution System,  Security radio

Lightning protection measures for wireless radio communication solution

lightning protection measures is an important device often used in communications to prevent lightning damage. It is used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage during lightning strikes. In the communication scheme, the role of lightning arresters cannot be ignored.  ...

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Farm radio communications solutions

The solution of agricultural radio communication is put forward after studying the work content of agricultural workers. It can meet the communication requirements of agricultural workers in their work, and the equipment is solid and durable. It can help farmers and agricultural workers get efficient radio communication help at the lowest cost.  ...

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