DMR digital private network relay station

There are many different departments in the factory. DMR digital private network relay station solutions can solve the communication between different departments in the factory and greatly improve the production efficiency.  ...

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Digital radio communication scheme for HV transmission line maintenance

Search and rescue (SAR) radio communication solution can use for HV transmission line maintenance, the maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines often faces complex terrain and severe weather conditions, and radio solutions need to be changed in order to meet the corresponding conditions.  ...

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How to choose walkie-talkie for self-driving tour?

The walkie-talkie is a great choice for self-driving tours. More and more riders will choose to travel in groups and take care of each other. The radio has become an important part of the team's safety. It is indispensable.  ...

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How to take refuge in the 2020 hurricane season?

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has arrived. According to the forecast of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the activity of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is likely to be "above normal". How can we take refuge in the face of hurricane season?  ...

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How to protect your hearing in a noisy environment

Environmental noise exceeding 85dB will cause damage to human hearing. The law requires personnel to wear noise reduction equipment. Retevis noise-cancelling earmuff is suitable for hearing protection in all high-noise environments, such as construction sites, carpentry, mining, racing, sleep mute, transportation at airport terminals, shooting ranges, etc.  ...

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What is the function and welding method of the two way radio microphone?

The microphone is an energy conversion device that converts sound signals into electrical signals. It is an energy conversion device that determines the radio to convert sound signals into electrical signals. In the design of the radio, we must understand the role and application of the microphone to ensure the radio solutions have a High-quality sound.  ...

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What is the value of adding a recording function to two-way radio?

Recording function is a bonus item for two way radio, which can solve the security problems in many application scenarios, it can allow managers to effectively supervise the daily work of members, make managers work more convenient.  ...

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How to choose the right outdoor two way radio

In the use and selection of outdoor radio, we must understand in advance what problems we often encounter and how to solve these problems, so as to ensure that our outdoor activities are safe and interesting  ...

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Efficient restaurant radio solution

restaurant radio solution is specially designed for restaurants. It has the advantages of waterproof, rugged, good sound quality, long running time, safe and reliable, and can meet the high-frequency and high-efficiency work needs of restaurants  ...

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Solutions to expand the radio signal coverage

Wireless radio solution system is widely used by railways, police, property management, hotel management, ports and docks, entertainment places, stadiums, banks, factories, etc. all over the world, but we often encounter signal blind areas and weak signal areas, do you know how to solve this situation?  ...

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